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Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Viewers, even in the age of remote control, are inherently lazy: they seldom change channels when entertainment programming ends and the local news begins. People who used to just leave on NBC and watch that news are now on a different channel. Stupid, I know, but a true and documentable phenomenon. Most people don't have preference for their 11pm local newscasts, so whatever channels they're watching...
Good riddance of Jay from the 10pm spot. But there's no mention of NBC's plan for the 10pm slot, hope it'll put the dramas back. I don't watch late talk shows often but I much prefer Letterman.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Bunch of random ones. Gonna resell on eBay. Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff at 60% off retail only? good luck. After eBay & Paypal fees, may be break even or small profit. Definitely not worth the risk, time and effort.
In reverse order 10. Italy 9. Canada 8. Belgium 7. USA 6. Luxembourg 5. New Zealand 4. Germany 3. Switzerland 2. Australia 1. France The West dominates the top, African & Middle Eastern countries the bottom, no surprise. UK, Sweden, Ireland's ranking are surprisely low. N. Korea outranks UAE. US cost of living are on par with or higher than many EU countries, WTF? The prices I experience in Europe make NY (except R/E) looks like a 3rd world...
Godiva is tolerable, it's basically a mall brand trying to pass as a Madison Ave. brand. D&G is on 69th off SW corner of Madison.
Just pick up the phone and call the store, I haven't meet anyone in Vienna who doesn't speak English.
Quote: Originally Posted by mussel 280 euros that's $350 without VAT Where's the store?! What's the phone number? Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 seriously where is this place that sells Vass again? Quote: Originally Posted by Baron google suggests Vienna http://www.abbaschuhe.at/ Wollzeile 12 A-1010 Wien Tel.: +43 (1) 513 06 37 Fax: +43 (1) 513 06 37 More Vass from...
Very sad to hear. I hope you continue to receive excellent work from Steed.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I really, really, like Burdick Chocolates (www.burdickchocolate.com), which opened a shop in NYC recently. gdl, you ought to go there and check it out. It's near CEGO. The flavors profiles are complex, but they have a good sense of restraint. If you don't live in New Hampshire, in the Boston area, or in NYC, they will Fedex the stuff to you. It's worth it. I would put them up against any of the boutique...
Quote: Originally Posted by cchen yes, but it's pretty common knowledge that it is 20% What happened to your Dessert Truck that used to park in front of Seagram during lunch time? I missed my treat.
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