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Assuming RTW, Carmina, Aubercy, C&J have some only-in-Paris models, Arnys has some unique rebadged Corthay-made models.
Air-puffed pork rinds, but the fried ones are much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday It's a matter of scale, really. Leno's ratings at 10 aren't far off his ratings at 11:30, but his ratings at 11:30 were far, far less than the numbers NBC has traditionally pulled at 10. Affiliates depend on the 10 p.m. show to lead into the money-making local news, and they're extremely unhappy that Jay has been dragging them down. Particularly alarming is that Leno's show has been attracting fewer viewers than...
Quote: Originally Posted by tricota Just fire Jay and let Conan get a chance to actually host the show, without people constantly comparing him to Jay. Does anyone think Jay would have stod any chance in 1992, if NBC had also given Johnny Carson his own show? Of course not. I get that they dont what to get rid of Leno, as he is still doing better than Conan, but if Conan is ever going to do better, Jay needs to go completely. Of at least scaled down....
Try Scott Jordan, it specializes in very clean line Shaker, Mission & New England designs with solid hard wood construction.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Viewers, even in the age of remote control, are inherently lazy: they seldom change channels when entertainment programming ends and the local news begins. People who used to just leave on NBC and watch that news are now on a different channel. Stupid, I know, but a true and documentable phenomenon. Most people don't have preference for their 11pm local newscasts, so whatever channels they're watching...
Good riddance of Jay from the 10pm spot. But there's no mention of NBC's plan for the 10pm slot, hope it'll put the dramas back. I don't watch late talk shows often but I much prefer Letterman.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Bunch of random ones. Gonna resell on eBay. Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff at 60% off retail only? good luck. After eBay & Paypal fees, may be break even or small profit. Definitely not worth the risk, time and effort.
In reverse order 10. Italy 9. Canada 8. Belgium 7. USA 6. Luxembourg 5. New Zealand 4. Germany 3. Switzerland 2. Australia 1. France The West dominates the top, African & Middle Eastern countries the bottom, no surprise. UK, Sweden, Ireland's ranking are surprisely low. N. Korea outranks UAE. US cost of living are on par with or higher than many EU countries, WTF? The prices I experience in Europe make NY (except R/E) looks like a 3rd world...
Godiva is tolerable, it's basically a mall brand trying to pass as a Madison Ave. brand. D&G is on 69th off SW corner of Madison.
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