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Living too long in Atlanta can do this to you.
Permission to have an one night fling. It doesn't cost her anything but provides much guilt-free delight.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman I've decided to try out a Vass and with kolecho placing an order soon, the time just seems right. I'm set on a very classic balmoral captoe with no medallion in a dark brown on the F last. Stylistically I want to keep a couple of things including the double to single sole taper. I want this to be my go to brown shoe but keep a little of the Vass trademarks. I'll probably add metal toe taps, but beyond that, I'm at a...
Quote: Originally Posted by lpresq Heh, maybe I should just raise a chicken, or fly to S. America to harvest cocoa? Man, it's f'n brownies..... Why does it sound so daunting to you? It'd have taken me no more than 30 minutes to go to a farmers market to pick up some fresh butter and eggs and then a nearby baker store for the chocolate. Shelling walnut may take a little more time and efforts but it's well worth it. It's not much more...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi gents, what do you think about these Dior Hommes? i wanted some lace-ups that were a little bit more "streetwear", which i could wear with jeans/casual clothes....since i felt the aesthetic of wearing my Lobbs and EG's with jeans was kind of off....but i'm a bit on the fence From Lobbs & EGs to these? What the fuck have you been smoking?
Whatever recipe you end up with, use the freshest, best ingredient you can find. For eggs and butter go to your local farmers markets. For chocolate, use Valrhona, and chop it up into chucks in lieu of chocolate chips, you can buy them at baker supply stores far much cheaper than, say, Whole Food. Don't buy the pre-packaged loose stale rancid shelled walnut, buy whole un-shelled ones and shell them yourself.
Epic post! Well done! I'd put a seared diver scallop on the cauli soup, a little surf on the overwhelmingly turf menu to balance out a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I agree - looks pretty damn good to me. Matt, tell him to get cuffs and loose the shoes (or at least polish them). +1. What's the deal with the shoes?
I picked Vass U Old English plain cap: Seamless heel counter gives it a very clean look:
Michelin 2010 NYC Michelin Starred Restaurants 1 Star: Adour Annisa Anthos Aureole A Voce (new) Blue Hill Bouley (new) Café Boulud Casa Mono (new) Convivio (new) Del Posto Dressler eighty one Eleven Madison Park (new) Etats-Unis Gotham Bar and Grill Gramercy Tavern Insieme Jewel Bako Kajitsu Kyo Ya L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon Marc Forgione (new) Marea (new) Minetta Tavern (new) Oceana Perry Street Peter Luger Public Rhong-Tiam (new) River...
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