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Defrosted frozen meats are vile. Yuck. They're devoided of taste and moisture; with texture of sawdust and color of a cadaver. My freezer is just ice, some frozen dessert. If the meat compartment is costantly at 34F, meats should last at least 5 days, there's no need to put them in freezer. I am amazed by people's freezers jampacked with frozen meats.
I didn't join because I didn't think I'd last. Count me in for April if there's a April NPC. Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Would it help if I told you that I thought Valextras were swell bags? Here are a couple of mine: They feel particularly nice in the hand. What's so special about GDL's little exclusive club, anyway? The other club is so much more fun. - B You have the hover-cat chair...
Vermont Butter & Cheese Co. Buy American, less carbon footprint, & support local artisans.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Extra points if you can return a Leonard tie to Hermès. - B It's not about scoring points, although I'd like to return some of my Zegna ties to Hermès.
I just figure out a way to lower my Hermès monthly bill. I'll buy some ugly but authentic Hermès tie with tags at deep discount on eBay, and then return the ties to Hermès stores in exchange for the current gorgeous ties. Will the scheme work? If not, what's the email addy to the head cheese to file an complaint? And how to launch a boycott using the power of the forvm?
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn It's a pretty bland car. Bangle, for all his faults, at least was controversial. I'll take a 2001 740i Sport Package and call it a day. What a great design what was. +1. The E38 still looks good to this day. I'd take the E38 body & styling with the current technoloy update over the 09 7.
Told myself I would buy a new daily driver for the New Year, Porsche Panamera vs. Aston Rapide? Which one should I pick?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Say hello to some special, seperately procured leather enroute to them as I type for a couple of MTO numbers for me. - B Tell me more about your specially procured leather. Pictures? Russian calf? Unicorn hide?
Kenneth Cole authenticity check please, real or fake?
I am going to Budapest later this week, anyone wants me to pick me a pair or two Vass at cost please let me know. btw, the $ just closed at 245 forint.
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