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Backlashes against quality makers.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Isn't that the oyster muscle of a chicken? Definitely not offal. But delicious. And too many idiots cut it off. There's another oyster in the opposite side (inside the cavity) of the bone, tastes like liver but tastier and have a more delicate texture. That I was told is the actual sot-l'y-laisse.
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Can the mods move Asian opulance thread to DT? It had a great potential to be DT when it started and now it has become a full-fledge DT.
I think August is a very challenging month but I am in. I think we should use GAAP to account for what's considered as a purchase. A purchase occurs when an obligation or liability is incurred not when a liability is settled. So it's ok to take delivery and pay for items you've already ordered but not ok if you place an order. Clothing articles purchased as gifts are exempted.
Our fellow member Ron Rider will present Rider Boots trunk show at Leffot 7/23 Thur. 12-7pm.
I have Hästens I bought 10 years ago, still no sign of sagging, it came with 25 years warranty. It's the best money I ever spent.
I'll bite if they have butter tart. Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I was slightly depressed when one of my colleagues returned from a trip to Paris last week and told me that there were Starbucks at every corner there now. Go figure. So is Vienna. I don't remember seeing any Starbucks last time I was in Paris.
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