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Worn by Pavarotti for Tosca:
Mine loved (past tense ) tuna water, the water that canned tuna packed in. The tuna itself not so much. As soon as I opened a can, no matter where she's in the house, no matter how far she's away from the kitchen, she'd materialize spontaneously and instantly like a ninja as she'd traveled to the kitchen through a wormhole. I still don't know whether it's the smell or the sound of the can being opened that triggered her appearance. I had been experimenting by...
Don't know whether it's a glitch or they're having a sale that I don't know. I just bought 4 tickets @ €15 each that normally sold for €130/ea. I was in process of buying of a pair of tickets but my total came to €30 instead of €168. So incredible I checked the next higher price level, yup, same €15. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they won't cancel the sales. I remember this happened here before, (IIRC it's H&K for $30 and Alden cordovan for $150)...
Wonderful thread. Any info on Kielman's pricing?
It's not news that many Fortune 500 headquartered somewhere else maintain executive HQs in NYC.
Shouldn't tax rate differential between NYC (state + city taxes) and NC enough to entice the move to Charlotte? yes. Can one thrive in NYC on BofA CEO package? no. This is no brainer, Charlotte all the way.
Mine liked melted ice cream, I made sure I left 2 table sponeful for her every time I had ice cream.
There're some micro miniature airplanes made of ultra-light material, then you glue a comatased fly or flies to the plane. When the flies wake up, watch the plane takes off. Very cool.
Wow!! Can you post pictures of the overhead shots, want better views of the toes. I assume of all measurements and fittings were done in Manhattan? Sooner or later, probably sooner, portnay needs to change the title to "Today's Shoe Damage."
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