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Wow!! Can you post pictures of the overhead shots, want better views of the toes. I assume of all measurements and fittings were done in Manhattan? Sooner or later, probably sooner, portnay needs to change the title to "Today's Shoe Damage."
If I answer all them correctly, what can I redeem those MooPoints with?
For those who have a cat or cats, SF-approved scratching posts, starting at $300, $1200 for the pictured one:
I used to do it with Citibank ATM card at its local ATM free of currency transaction fee but now it imposes 3% FX fees. I have an account with a credit union with no FX ATM fees but withdrawal is limited to $500/day. Rates for exchanging $US to local currency at local banks suck nuts. What're my fee-free options?
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle Is Vass about to reach the saturation point? There was a mini backlash against Vass but it didn't gain any traction, it's only a matter of time a full blown one will materialize.
I love it. It looks very good and even better when worn. It just looks like an austerity brogue with an amazing construction. I don't understand some of the hates toward JL in general and this model in particular. Why do you hate their freedom to create, to be innovative? Can you deny the 7000, 8000, 1105 and the under-utilized 8896 lasts are not elegant looking lasts? Can you deny their leather quality is not top-notch? (See Manton's JL factory report) And the...
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Can't really tell from the pics but it looks like this one doesn't have a seamless heel, or am I wrong? They don't have seamless heel, I didn't specify that feature when I ordered. It should be relatively easy for them to do for this model.
Vass U last modeled after EG Rye in red Cognac & HAF:
Here you go:
Quote: Originally Posted by Pezzaturra What is the difference between this Shop and large JL shoe company that everyone knows? What is the relatinship between two companies? The John Lobb on St. James's Street is the original store. JL London later opened a branch in Paris. IIRC, the Paris branch produced bespoke in Paris, not in London. Hermes then bought the Paris branch along with the right to use the John Lobb name to produce and sell...
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