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Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100504/...s_square_probe Security at JFK? Not so much. They let him go right through and onto the plane. Good job TSA! There're chatters that FBI intentionally let him slip thru to see who he's gonna call and listen in on the conversations while he's on the plane. The playbook is straightly taken out of "24".
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM Vass Budapester Wingtips US size 9, Stilmacher's sale, starting at $150. Isn't he a Vass basher? Now he's selling Vass?
Looks like RL is liquidating its EG stock. Huge EG RLPL shipments just arrived at Grapevine Hill. About 7-8 models, Grant, Carter, Mackay, Jamison...etc
I am in the market for a new sport sedan as a daily driver for my commuting around 50 miles/day and have a budget of $1,5000,000, thinking of getting the Bugatti Galibier. Not sure how it'd perform in NY snowy winter. What do you think? Any other suggestions? kthanxbai.
Only 77 will be produced at $1.4 millions a pop. A Middle Eastern buyer offered to buy 10 and was refused. AM changed its mind when the offer was $23 million or $900,000 premium over the list price for each car. http://www.one-77.com/
An architectural review of the new embassy.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Both were lovely, although it involves admitting liking Chopin. Which I do. - B The same can be said about Bernstein and I love Bernstein. It just that Robbins' omission of several key scores, and amongst other things, that made his NYCB staging seems like chopped up pieces. Quote: Originally Posted by Manton It is impossible to dislike Chopin. That said, I realize that...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria The City ballet just had a great all Robbins show, which including a suite of the West Side Story numbers. Unfortunately, you'll miss it...you might have won cool points with your date. - B The all Robbin program ends tomorrow, actually the opening piece Dances at a Gathering is more satisfying than the WSS.
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare private sale or the store? 2/22 Mon - 2/24 Wed 10am - 6pm 14 E 60, Suite 900 212.920.1211
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton A "romantic" thing to do is go to something at Lincoln Center (opera, symphony, ballet, whatever) and then to Cafe Des Arists after. It is not a foodie temple by any means, but it is open very late and chicks dig it. Short walk, lovely setting. Then walk down CPW and CPS and 7th Ave (NOT 8th!) on the way back to your hotel. Second on Lincoln Center, much better option than Broadway shows. But Cafe Des...
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