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I really want a cutaway collar because they imo look very good with and without a tie, because it keep itself closer to the neck when you're not using a tie. Anyone have some recommendations, or is the standard Luxire cutaway collar good enough?
I don't see why, those shoes were awful.
Excuse me?
Seems very silly, Kiltie longwings?! Lol. Wouldn't have used that pair of shoes even if I got them for free.
Not for me, fits me perfect (have similar Boglioli jacket).Just asking about opinions on the jacket.
There is no Linen Copenhagen jacket in their webstore exept this one, and it's medium blue and checked, not navy, care to link?
What is the point in posting your thrift if you don't mention what you bought it for?...
What do you think of this blazer? Boglioli around 400$, unconstructed shoulders.
Size 48 fits me spot on, but the sleeves are too long. 24 is not an option because the jacket will be too short and too wide.I must shorten SS jackets sleeves from 2 to 4 cm (At most 1.5"), depends on the jacket. I know they use functional buttonholes, but 1,5" at most is doable and I guess no one will actually notice, agree? Shortening from the shoulder is not an option at all.
They can do anything, but I IMO prefer to keep it simple stupid.
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