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Purchased many unfinished pocket squares, but they are quite big (17x17, 18x18" etc), what should I really do with them? Will they fold nicely?
I asked because I thought the button stance was too low (3-2 roll). I actually considered to take in the waist. If I think the button stance is a little too low, you think it's a little too high, that means it must be perfect.
I was very skeptical to the DDP (Delivery duty paid) because if it's too good to be true, it probably is, but it worked flawlessly.
Not yet received.
I did this also, created a excel sheet with measurements from 2 different pants.
Indeed, I think that is a great idea, that you could select if you wanted unfused/fused and what kind of lining you would like for the collar in the dropdown menu, instead of writing it in the comments.
This person have altered the sleeves so there is no fabric between the functional buttonholes and the sleeve. I never have cared much about the distance between the buttonholes and the sleeve end, would it be okay to do it like this?
What do you think about this button stance? I will shorten the sleeves and take the waist in a little.
They don't need any more collars now, do they? They have a cutaway collar now also, posted some pages back.
Did you read my post over yours before you posted this question?
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