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I need a casual but stylish cotton canvas peacoat for the summer, best would be navy with brown buttons, any tips?
I guess you ordered BD w/ collar roll?
Viccel posted some pics of some merino wool socks some months ago, any update on this? Would love if they started with merino wool socks also.
I already have a pair of suede tassel loafers, so I'd go with brown leather, but those suede ones with leather tassels seems nice.
Order 3062 is a Barba button down collar with collar roll, you could refer to the order when ordering.
Why don't you get a 38R?
Button down collar is already an option on their site.
Everything is possible, here is one of my more advanced request.
Some time ago someone requested some pictures of my Boggi quilted jacket, so here they are. I have not seen anything like this quilted jacket before, because it's very thin and light, so it's actually a jacket you could use in the middle of the summer. That would you never be able to do with a Barbour one.
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