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Why don't you get a 38R?
Button down collar is already an option on their site.
Everything is possible, here is one of my more advanced request.
Some time ago someone requested some pictures of my Boggi quilted jacket, so here they are. I have not seen anything like this quilted jacket before, because it's very thin and light, so it's actually a jacket you could use in the middle of the summer. That would you never be able to do with a Barbour one.
Suitssupply have some nice summer jackets, but problem is that I can't make their sizing to make sense... Generally use size 38 but their jackets seems way to shorten, don't they? Just click on the link and see the measurements yourself. Navy quilted jacket Navy summer coat Blue summer coat
Extreme cutaway I was asking about. I find extreme cutaway collars great to wear with and without a tie, making it a very versatile collar. Even the english cutaway collar jumps out if not combined with a tie, whereas a extreme cutaway collar lays closer to the neck when unbuttoned.
Is that cutaway collar the new standerd Luxire cutaway collar?
New Pocket squares
Not a loss, liked Bexley's shoe trees better.
I am not good enough to finish the edges myself, 10$ for hand finished edges?
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