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I was thinking more of a summer pea coat, canvas, lightweight, trench coat like, just as a short jacket, like this:Problem is that I can not find something similar anywhere.
I need a casual but stylish cotton canvas peacoat for the summer, best would be navy with brown buttons, any tips?
I guess you ordered BD w/ collar roll?
Viccel posted some pics of some merino wool socks some months ago, any update on this? Would love if they started with merino wool socks also.
I already have a pair of suede tassel loafers, so I'd go with brown leather, but those suede ones with leather tassels seems nice.
Order 3062 is a Barba button down collar with collar roll, you could refer to the order when ordering.
Why don't you get a 38R?
Button down collar is already an option on their site.
Everything is possible, here is one of my more advanced request.
New Posts  All Forums: