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Hello, I have stretched my shoes DIY style, using shoe stretcher liquid and a shoe stretcher. Worked out really well, but the shoes are dry inside and need some moisture. What should I use? Neutral Saphir renovatour?
I sent some socks that got holes after 1 wear and have not received any email from them after trying to contact them with 4-5 emails. I also want to know when mid calf heavy winter weight socks will be available.
Tried to contact Viccel for months... not responding to any emails I send them.
And? How did it go?
When I purchased a custom made briefcase from him I was not satisfied with the design, so he made me a complete new one without any extra cost.
Just measure the knee from a existing pants that fits you well.
Luxire, do you have any pictures of the Luxire extreme cutaway collar, and do you plan to make this a standard shirt option?
Canvas belt, what about these?
Think they deserve a bump, good belts.
Did you read my review?
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