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That is why I thougth on doing some alliterations. As the shoulder width is not too wide, but is the length really way too long?
Just bought a Harris tweed blazer. It is too wide, but I will take it to the tailor tomorrow. So except the width and a little too long sleves, do I need to shorten anything? I'm not sure if the blazer's length is too long or not, what do you think? Http://
I've bought some gloves from Chester Jeffries. They're a little too big, but I've ordered another pair of gloves with a little tighter fit and the new ones are also bespoke. Let's see how that goes.
Didn't like it, too tight imo. Sit down after dinner and the buttons will pop out.
I'm atm 35,5" inches around my chest, should I buy blazers in 38 or 36? I am slim, but have not trained anything and I'm going to start on a gym, so I'm quite unsure.
What do you think about the fit on this RTW shirt? I thought it was too slim around my hip, but maybe not? The shoulders fits, right?
Do you approve this method?
Anyone know? Thought of doing this..
I've ordered many poplin shirts from TM Lewin, but the 14,5" is too tight around the waist, however, the 15" would fit around the waist, but is half an inch too big in the collar. Should I just order one in 15" and see what happens? If the shirt shrink half an inch so it will fit me, it will not shrink any more than half an inch around the waist? EDIT: What temprature should I wash them on to shrink half an inch? Should I tumble dry them?
What are you? I'm really slim, but TM Lewin's slim fit shirts are too tight for me around the waist. Might be with proportions to do, since I need 14,5" shirts, but if I had jumped up to 15", everything would fit perfect, except the most important: the collar.
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