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Anyone know? Thought of doing this..
TM lewin 14,5" is too tight for me around the waist, but I've heard they might shrink if I wash them. So if I go up to 15" I could wash them in high temprature and/or put them to tumbel dry (to shrink even more), they will shrink half an inch everywhere, making the collar fitting but still have room around the waist.
I've ordered many poplin shirts from TM Lewin, but the 14,5" is too tight around the waist, however, the 15" would fit around the waist, but is half an inch too big in the collar. Should I just order one in 15" and see what happens? If the shirt shrink half an inch so it will fit me, it will not shrink any more than half an inch around the waist? EDIT: What temprature should I wash them on to shrink half an inch? Should I tumble dry them?
What are you? I'm really slim, but TM Lewin's slim fit shirts are too tight for me around the waist. Might be with proportions to do, since I need 14,5" shirts, but if I had jumped up to 15", everything would fit perfect, except the most important: the collar.
How is the quality of the shirt compared to TM Lewin?
Is it just me? But think that you're flexing your biceps and the shirts tightens around it and your lower arm, it's too small? Since that is definitively what's going to happen when you wear that shirt. It also seems too tight around the waist, I imagine that you're sitting down and got no space around the stomach.
I'm currently wearing a TM Lewin 14,5" shirt, slim fit. However, it's too tight around the waist, the button/cloth is stretched when I sit, and it's close to stretcing when I'm standing up. TM Lewin have no shirts in 14,5" regular fit, so one option would be to go up a size on the collar. 15" slim fit would give me just enough space around the waist (2.5"), but might be too big around the neck? See the pics and help me decide if I could go up 0,5" in collar size! Please...
I purchased 4 shoe trees in size 41, the same as my C&J Lowndes UK 7. Are the shoe trees under too big, because the spring is totally pressed down? I must say that I had no big problems putting the shoe trees into my shoe, but it does require some force when compared to my other shoe trees. My only concern is that my heel will expand, but I've read that the shoe tree should have a decent amount of pressure. What do you think? I had shoe trees that expanded my shoe heel...
You'd bet I'll do!
Don' think so, had a bad experience with Cedarville, bought shoe trees in correct size, but they didn't fit and Cedarville were not very cooperative. I have bought Bexley shoe trees instead, they're too in cedar but cheaper than Cedarville. Another plus is that they're within EU, so much lower shipping costs.
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