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I purchased 4 shoe trees in size 41, the same as my C&J Lowndes UK 7. Are the shoe trees under too big, because the spring is totally pressed down? I must say that I had no big problems putting the shoe trees into my shoe, but it does require some force when compared to my other shoe trees. My only concern is that my heel will expand, but I've read that the shoe tree should have a decent amount of pressure. What do you think? I had shoe trees that expanded my shoe heel...
You'd bet I'll do!
Don' think so, had a bad experience with Cedarville, bought shoe trees in correct size, but they didn't fit and Cedarville were not very cooperative. I have bought Bexley shoe trees instead, they're too in cedar but cheaper than Cedarville. Another plus is that they're within EU, so much lower shipping costs.
Would recommend http://www.bootsonline.com.au/ for buying RM Williams online. Have some dark brown suede chisel shape, Comfort Craftsman, and I'm very pleased.
Anyone have experience with the both jeans and could give me some insight here?
Order the shoe trees that fit? I ordered the right size, so I need to reorder a bigger size, that after the size the Epic size chart is too big for my shoes.Of course I converted my UK sizes to US sizes, but both my US and UK size is within the shoe trees size chart. UK 7 and US 7.5, so I bought the correct shoe trees. Yet, the shoe trees are way to small. It's strange that nothing have been done with this problem, since there are many customers who have complained about...
I'm studing jurisprudence myself, so cases like this are very interesting.
I liked the old Herring Shakespear II better. The new brown color isn't as nice as the old one. It might be possible to alter the color somewhat, but I myself did go for C&J Lowndes.
Wow, you just attacked me personally since I have a nice friend who actually care to help, go flame somewhere else.It's not only I that have complained about the shoe tree sizes, and, in fact, I measured the width of the shoe trees to be 3,5", but these shoe trees are marked as E(wide) shoe trees and should be 3,8-3,9" in width. Because of this they do not fit snugly at all.It might be easy for you to send the shoe trees back for replacements without much to lose, but if I...
I didn't pay for attorney, my friend is one.It's very good that you state which size I ordered, X-small size 6E – 7.5E, which is 39.5-41.Please explain why my shoe trees are markedas 38/39Let me know if I need to take a picture of every shoe tree I bought to proof it!
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