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Do you think these will be comfortable around the leg? The worst thing that could happen is that the chinos tightens around the leg when I sit down.I have no way to try them on, since I live in Europe and need to use a proxy for getting them,
I can't stand skinny chinos, especially around the leg. Anyone could recommend some regular chinos?
Damn! Too bad I didn't know of Carmina when I was in Paris last time. However, I found these Carmina shoes in my own local store at 50% €280, what do you think?
What do you think? Found these for €280 in Norway (50%), first time Ive seen Carmina irl. Worth it? http://i.imgur.com/Ec6o5.jpg
[Edited, double post]
Anyone know a Carmina online store? Also, what do you think of this model?:http://i.imgur.com/Ec6o5.jpg
Barbour.com is not a online store, you can not buy anything there, and if you find something you want to buy, you get redirected to a online store that do not shop international. ( http://m.barbourbymail.co.uk/)
1b: 28 x 16L 4 x 14L 1c: 7 x 16L
They do not, Barbour themselves is not a online store.
That doesn't help when they only ships within the United States. I live in Europe.
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