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I have not watched their stock closely, could anyone care to update this thread once they have refilled their stock?
They had fail priced their 50% sign, it was not discounted after all.. Which means they still want £500 for it. I emailed Carmina, as you can buy shoes that's not in their online store, if you contact them over email, but they only had this jodhpur boot in black in all their stores. I am going to ask if they have this similiar model in brown of chestnut:
Is it not possible to order Carmina shoes over phone? So you can order shoes not displayed in their webstore?
Can you not order Carmina shoes by phone?
Go uncuffed and cuff them up/roll them up yourself in the summer.
So elegant that The Armoury should order some for their online store?
From pictures the Urban slim seems less slim than the 484, but not as baggy as the essential chinos in regular fit, so I might buy one of both in different colors.
Are you going to obtain this Carmina model (brown) in the near future?
Is it possible to call Carmina and order by phone? Do I call their Head Office & Factory in Mallorca, or just a big shop in Madrid and have the shoes shipped to my country? Since their online shop do not have the shoes I want.
Do you think these will be comfortable around the leg? The worst thing that could happen is that the chinos tightens around the leg when I sit down.I have no way to try them on, since I live in Europe and need to use a proxy for getting them,
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