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Cream Twill ChinoBut someone have complained that it's somewhat transparent, so you will see the inside pockets...
Since I have pretty big tights that would mean that a pair of single pleats on the my chinos would make them look slimmer?
Pressed jeans with single pleats... very strange.
I have looked for a curved extreme cutaway collar for some time now.
Aha! I have already have this: Sedwick Leather Feed, from Equus Leather. Is it perfect for this purpose?"Sedgwick's have developed this leather dressing that contains only natural ingredients, including tallow, oils and beeswax. With Sedgwick's secret mix of leather dressing every day care for the leather could not be simpler."When something contains beeswax, mink oil etc, that means that the leather will have a harder time to absorb shoe creams, but I guess that is the...
There is nothing that's called Saphir Leather Lotion, you do mean Saphir Renovatour I suppose?
I actually like their default pants buttoning, stylish and sleek.
Hello, I have stretched my shoes DIY style, using shoe stretcher liquid and a shoe stretcher. Worked out really well, but the shoes are dry inside and need some moisture. What should I use? Neutral Saphir renovatour?
I sent some socks that got holes after 1 wear and have not received any email from them after trying to contact them with 4-5 emails. I also want to know when mid calf heavy winter weight socks will be available.
Tried to contact Viccel for months... not responding to any emails I send them.
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