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I use 6.5 UK in both Loake and Herring shoes, but 7 UK in Carmina, and 7 in C&J too.
You need to email them for this.
Anyone have an idea?
I really like the fabric of the J Crew Urban based on pictures, but how tapered is it? Because I don't like it when a chinos tightens around my calves when I sit down.
Are these t-shirts suitable to be worn together with chinos/shorts in the summer? Or are they really undershirts? I want an alternative to polos when I'm going to really hot places.
I just love my 3-4 pair of Herring shoes, good quality.
Yes please do. If something is too good to be true, it probably is, but I've heard much good about Bexley when you compare them to their price... and two pair of shoes for £189 is really superb!
You considered Carmina too? (Model 80106, Last Alcudia) Model 865, Last Forest
I have not watched their stock closely, could anyone care to update this thread once they have refilled their stock?
They had fail priced their 50% sign, it was not discounted after all.. Which means they still want £500 for it. I emailed Carmina, as you can buy shoes that's not in their online store, if you contact them over email, but they only had this jodhpur boot in black in all their stores. I am going to ask if they have this similiar model in brown of chestnut:
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