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Are they really bad? I really liked their loafers:
Anyone know of some quality shoe makers in South Korea that have a internet shop? At the moment I really need loafers and moccasins in summer colors, light purple etc.
PRL Oxfords in SLIM fit, the fit that' not available n the United States, is very nice untucked. The PRL Custom fit is a dress shirt and meant to be tucked in, way too long for a casual shirt.
Leg opening depends on your waist size, I wear 32 in the waist and both the J Crew Classical and Topman's "Slim fit chinos" have exactly 16,5" leg opening (I've measured both myself). If you are interested in the J Crew ones, I got this table from J Crew Support:EDIT: Read your comment way wrong, lol.
Seems too long, are you going to roll it up a little?
I get chills, I just hate tight chinos, but hey, that's me. I have bought two classic J Crew chinos, the perfect combination between slim and regular fit , atleast for me.
What are my rights here really? I ordered a watch, but found out that I didn't want it after all. I checked my order, where it said "Payment Received" and sent them an email ASAP asking them to cancel my order... 18-19 hours later I get a Paypal notification that the watch have been shipped... Shall I just refuse to collect the item once it arrive at my postal office and open a paypal dispute to get back the money?
How are they compared to C&J Lowndes?
Is that kagaroo leather'? Based on the softness, its seems like it.
If I actually knew the process, I could do it myself.
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