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I really need some help here... I bought a Barbour New Utility jacket in small, but it was tight around my waist (true waist size is "34, use "32 in jeans) I was going to change it for medium one, but Barbour New Utility is discontinued. I really liked the Barbour New Utility look, and their updated version is now the Barbour Corbridge. However, I'm afraid that the Barbour Corbridge in medium still could be to small around the waist, because it really seems like a slimmer...
I've looked at Tods, I only found a too dark purple one. What is that color called, in the picture?
Anyone know where I can get decent moccasins and loafers in many different, but not too bright colors? I am trying hard to find a moccasin in this color:
Are they really bad? I really liked their loafers:
Anyone know of some quality shoe makers in South Korea that have a internet shop? At the moment I really need loafers and moccasins in summer colors, light purple etc.
PRL Oxfords in SLIM fit, the fit that' not available n the United States, is very nice untucked. The PRL Custom fit is a dress shirt and meant to be tucked in, way too long for a casual shirt.
Leg opening depends on your waist size, I wear 32 in the waist and both the J Crew Classical and Topman's "Slim fit chinos" have exactly 16,5" leg opening (I've measured both myself). If you are interested in the J Crew ones, I got this table from J Crew Support:EDIT: Read your comment way wrong, lol.
Seems too long, are you going to roll it up a little?
I get chills, I just hate tight chinos, but hey, that's me. I have bought two classic J Crew chinos, the perfect combination between slim and regular fit , atleast for me.
What are my rights here really? I ordered a watch, but found out that I didn't want it after all. I checked my order, where it said "Payment Received" and sent them an email ASAP asking them to cancel my order... 18-19 hours later I get a Paypal notification that the watch have been shipped... Shall I just refuse to collect the item once it arrive at my postal office and open a paypal dispute to get back the money?
New Posts  All Forums: