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So they are that narrow? This will be interesting. "searching for shoe stretcher".
Just bought these AE tassel loafers for 37 bucks, what do you think?
Where do I buy them for $29.9? From Europe.
Shoulder to shoulder measurement? Measurement around the waistline? EDIT: I thought the Liddesdale Lightweight jacket was 36-38 in small, not 34-36?
I'm searching for some suede penny loafers and found some options below, which ones do you think is the nicest? Or do you have any other recommendations?Loake Eton [[SPOILER]] Herring Broadway [[SPOILER]] Herring Charlton [[SPOILER]] Herring Heath [[SPOILER]] I really like the Herring Heath, but it's only available in dark brown suede, when I would rather get one in a lighter brown shade, like the other models I've linked to here.
I haven't found any good chinos at all that ships to Europe... I use a proxy for J crew, but that's it.
I'm actually a 36 chest, but I need to use Barbour Bedale in size 38 because 36 is pulling around my waistline. I'm 5,7" and weight 163 lbs and have a waistline of 33".
I really need some help here... I bought a Barbour New Utility jacket in small, but it was tight around my waist (true waist size is "34, use "32 in jeans) I was going to change it for medium one, but Barbour New Utility is discontinued. I really liked the Barbour New Utility look, and their updated version is now the Barbour Corbridge. However, I'm afraid that the Barbour Corbridge in medium still could be to small around the waist, because it really seems like a slimmer...
I've looked at Tods, I only found a too dark purple one. What is that color called, in the picture?
Anyone know where I can get decent moccasins and loafers in many different, but not too bright colors? I am trying hard to find a moccasin in this color:
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