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I just picked the coat up at my local postal office and the pic was taken just after.
What do you think about the fit Just long enough sleeves? ?
I think I've posted this before, but here is the J Crew chinos size charts, detailed:
I've read the reviews on their site by other customers and from my understanding close to half of the reviews complain about skin-tight legs... I don't want that, so any recommendations for something less slim?
Just read many Dockers Alpha Khaki's review on their website, and nearly 50% of all the reviews complained about skin-tight legs, way to tight legs. So then what? I've just sent back some J Crew Classic chinos because the waist was too high so I might try J crew urban slim fit. For anyone who've both tried the Dockers Alpha Khakis and J Crew Urban fit, would you say that the J Crew one is less tapered?
Yes please, where can I get straight fit Dockers chinos online? I'm not a sissy with small calves!
Huh? I clicked this thread with high interest, just to find nothing useful. So there is actually another thread that summarize all the different Hong Kong tailiors in different price ranges?
I just sent back J Crew classic chinos and want to swap them for some Urban fit ones, which fit are you talking about?
So they are that narrow? This will be interesting. "searching for shoe stretcher".
Just bought these AE tassel loafers for 37 bucks, what do you think?
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