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That's why I'll need to fix it with some waxed thread, but I don't know which one I should buy.
Ebay ftw, but there is a tiny hole around the place where you put your hands in, I can fix this myself with some waxed thread. But could anyone recommend me some waxed thread to fix this scratch? Or will this be fine?
I just picked the coat up at my local postal office and the pic was taken just after.
What do you think about the fit Just long enough sleeves? ?
I think I've posted this before, but here is the J Crew chinos size charts, detailed:
I've read the reviews on their site by other customers and from my understanding close to half of the reviews complain about skin-tight legs... I don't want that, so any recommendations for something less slim?
Just read many Dockers Alpha Khaki's review on their website, and nearly 50% of all the reviews complained about skin-tight legs, way to tight legs. So then what? I've just sent back some J Crew Classic chinos because the waist was too high so I might try J crew urban slim fit. For anyone who've both tried the Dockers Alpha Khakis and J Crew Urban fit, would you say that the J Crew one is less tapered?
Yes please, where can I get straight fit Dockers chinos online? I'm not a sissy with small calves!
Huh? I clicked this thread with high interest, just to find nothing useful. So there is actually another thread that summarize all the different Hong Kong tailiors in different price ranges?
I just sent back J Crew classic chinos and want to swap them for some Urban fit ones, which fit are you talking about?
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