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Too bad... since I want to know the difference between all different shoe styles.
Anyone know if their Madrid store have jodhpur boots? I'm visiting Madrid in June and only have 9 hours in the city.
Pictures in first post are gone... :S
I'm taking a daytrip to Madrid (from Malaga area) by train and have around 9 hours there. I want to see as much as possible of the city, but also visit some shops. I was thinking about restricting myself to only the Carmina and Mermin retail store, or are there any other must see retail stores?
A little off topic, but which Carmina retail store is closest to Malaga? Sadly I'm not having a vacation in Northern Spain, but I might take a daytrip to Madrid by train, takes 2 and a half our each way.
Loake LincolnNew pic:
I think these suede double monks are beatiful, it's the FILADELFIA-2AE last : Comfortable semi- squared last. But what does the 2AE stand for?
Loake Lincoln, viccel socks and Lee blake blue reborn. I'm 19.
What? I had this jacket taken out by a tailor, fits perfectly.
I'm using tassels and I'm 19, don't care what you say anyways.
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