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I think these suede double monks are beatiful, it's the FILADELFIA-2AE last : Comfortable semi- squared last. But what does the 2AE stand for?
Loake Lincoln, viccel socks and Lee blake blue reborn. I'm 19.
What? I had this jacket taken out by a tailor, fits perfectly.
I'm using tassels and I'm 19, don't care what you say anyways.
Should I not take out the back seam because this will alter the balance of the jacket? Or should I do it if necessary to get it to fit? (After I've taken out the hip seams). This is where Suitsupply recommended me to take it out: I send you a picture what I mean with the back seams. It depends which jacket our fabric it is. Normally it is between two and three cm. I recommend you the max for let out of the jacket.
And on a sidenote, I bought the jacket in Milan on holiday, so it would be easier to take it out.
I have checked how much I can take it out, and there seems to be around 2cm to take out in total around the hips, and around 1.5 cm at the single back seam. The side seams seems to have very little alteration possibilities.
They said it would stretch.
I bought a very nice half canvassed jacket from Suit Supply, that is perfect at the shoulders, but a bit tight around the waist area and back area. The jacket is unconstructed and unlined. Should I take it out the back seam, the hip seams or the side seams? Or all of them?
Just turned 19 and I use them when it's nice weather in my usually cold country.
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