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I need a lightweight jacket that will be used mainly for freshwater fishing combined with longer walking trips in the mountain. Shouldn't cost more than $60 preferably. Something like this: Any tips?
Not bothering to order online, will visit their Madrid store in July. I'm also visiting Carmina, but I think I'll end up buying two pairs from Meermin, and just visit the Carmina retail store.
What kind of lightweight casual jacket do you wear/want to wear in the summer? I myself like safari jackets, just don't let it become too costumey.
Double monks have been posted before, they had a more burgundy color irl, look some pages back.
What do you think of this Safari jacket as a casual summer jacket?
Uniqlo don't ship to Europe/Norway...
The suede double monks on their homepage have a rubber sole. Do yours have that?
I need plain white t shirts, but I don't find any good quality ones. H&M ones are too slim and GAP do not ship to Scandinavia... Where should I look then?
Too bad... since I want to know the difference between all different shoe styles.
Anyone know if their Madrid store have jodhpur boots? I'm visiting Madrid in June and only have 9 hours in the city.
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