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Name: Aiwei, 34 " I call my style flea-mart minimalist clash"
The J Crew Urban fit fits me very good, but the problem is that the rise is too long, meaning that the front part is longer than it should be, and it doesn't help to wear the chinos higher, since it will just fall down to the natural place anyway. So is there any chinos that are just as roomy in the thighs and just minimal slim around the harmstrings as the Jcrew urban fit ones?
Shocked after I saw myself on their website.
What do you think about the suede monks having a full rubber sole??
Yes, it's a Stainless Steel West End belt in Dark Havanna. The most versatile color, perfect for my first "high-end" belt.
Received this today!
Will be exiting to see how these pair up compared to my C&J Lowndes. Will be interesting to see if they have any jodhpur boots in their retail store.
Problem is that the jacket I linked to cost around $250, I'm looking for something similar, but in a different price range. Any suggestions?
I have Saphir renovateur, will try.
I think I've used a little to much polishing/cream so now I have a dark spot/stain on my C&J Lowndes that I can't get rid of! Please help, what can I do?
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