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New jodhpur boots
7 is my size too. They did not have the blue suede derbys, wholecuts or double monks in 7, atleast not in the Madrid store.
I got the shoe numbers from the store in Madrid for the blue suede derbys and blue suede monks, since they did not have my size in. 104413 Ante Azul T:7- Derbys 104341-S Ante Azul T:7 - Double monks How much was the MTO fee from Meermin again?
Just got back from Madrid and here are some pics from their store. They have many different "summer" models that they don't sell online, and I really wanted a pair of blue suede double monks. But sadly they did not have my size in store, however, I bought some brown double monks in suede.
I found it amusing
I do wear 6.5 UK in Herring, 7 in C&J and 7 in Carmina. I would assume, based on this, that I need size 7 in Meermin.
Nope, size 7.
Going to Madrid next week, have been wanting to buy these jodhpur boots for some time.
Very good proxy, reliable and good communication. Everything did go smoothly, I asked him to measure all the items and when it turned out that one jacket was too big, he returned it for a refund with any problems.
I usually wearing two bracelets on my left wrist and the clock on the right, not SF approved? :P
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