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That's not wingtips, that's longwings. Anyone know of some wingtip bluchers?
I ended up purchasing a customized John Locke briefcase, so I will create a review thread once I get it.
I received my boots from Meermin, but they had a visible scratch on em, should I send em back?
Medium brown I think.
Will be finished on monday.
Classic collection, not cordovan. They're on their website, but only in suede, costs €170.
They do have many shoes in their Madrid store that's not in webshop. Mainly the winter collection (with rubber soles) are on their webshop, but none of shoes from the summer collection, like blue suede double monks and loafers/tassel loafers in many different colors. I took some pictures when I visited the their retail store just some weeks ago, but I didn't take a picture of every shoe they had. Too bad they did not have many of the shoes I tried in my size (UK 7), and...
Medium brown chukkas boots on their way.
$150 for this Green gator wallet, is that a good price? (From the same ebay seller). Should I go for it? :P
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