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Classic collection, not cordovan. They're on their website, but only in suede, costs €170.
They do have many shoes in their Madrid store that's not in webshop. Mainly the winter collection (with rubber soles) are on their webshop, but none of shoes from the summer collection, like blue suede double monks and loafers/tassel loafers in many different colors. I took some pictures when I visited the their retail store just some weeks ago, but I didn't take a picture of every shoe they had. Too bad they did not have many of the shoes I tried in my size (UK 7), and...
Medium brown chukkas boots on their way.
$150 for this Green gator wallet, is that a good price? (From the same ebay seller). Should I go for it? :P
Anyone care to share what they think?
I'm having a hard time deciding if my custom made briefcase should have straps that goes all away around or straps that terminate. What do you prefer? VS
Too bad they don't accept any more briefcase orders, but hey, their belts are splendid.
Very nice briefcase indeed.
The owner of Strong Eyed Leather have been very responsive and we have exchanged many emails. I'm in the process of getting a custom made briefcase from them. Veg tanned leather and of course finished edges. Their bags are fully hand made and hand stitched. All their products also comes with a lifetime warranty and a cotton storage slipcover. The whole briefcase is made of Herman Oak steer veg tan leather (front, back, gusset, handle, back newspaper section, straps...
Bump. Intrested in purchasing a custom made briefcase from them.
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