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They're on the Hiro last, I tried em in the Madrid store. Sadly they did not have my size in stock (7), and since the blue suede is in their summer collection, they don't restock it either.
Carmina in the middle.
Sorry, I like shortwings better. I have not found any shortwing bluchers (danite sole) without pebble grain. I am looking for some in regulary calf.
I bought them in Madrid and love them. They have two different jodhpur boots styles, the one on the forrest last (which I bought), but also one on a slimmer last. Imo the one on the forrest last is very elegant, but I do use them with jeans etc also.
That's not wingtips, that's longwings. Anyone know of some wingtip bluchers?
I ended up purchasing a customized John Locke briefcase, so I will create a review thread once I get it.
I received my boots from Meermin, but they had a visible scratch on em, should I send em back?
Medium brown I think.
Will be finished on monday.
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