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This Tiger of Sweden bag costs $400, but its quality is not very good plus everyone has it, and I don't want to purchase it because of this. I am looking for a similar bag (and detachable shoulder strop), in better quality. Suggestions? The closest I have found is this from Suitsupply.
Is $60 for this Borrelli tie a good buy? Is it a 3 fold?
I found some pocket squares that I really liked, but not only did they have unfinished edges, but the edges also were not straight, so when you're going to roll the edges the border would be gone, therefore the pocket square would mostly used for a puff really. Say retail price is 80$, but these I can get for 10-20$, worth it?
Based on 1 picture? As I said I did take it to the tailor and now it fits good, problem is that if I buy a 46 suit, the pants are 82, and can't be let out to 87.
I did alter it so it's not like the picture, but I needed to open the side seams, and the middle back seam, which is not advised since the jacket become unbalanced. Which size do you think fits me best?
I've contacted SuitSupply support for help regarding my size, but he first recommended me size 44... so I would love if anyone from SF could help me instead. I think 46 might be too tight, 48 too long jacket length and jacket sleeves, and that 24 might be too big. My question would really be which size should I pick that would look best after alterations? Height: 172cm (5,64 ft) Chest: 95cm (37,4") Upper waist: 88 (34,6") Waist (trouser): 87 cm (34,3") This is me trying...
It strikes me how boring (and small) the ties were in the 60s, but after reading myself up on it, smaller ties with less color was indeed the norm back then.
Would you see the difference between a flannel trouser with a tight and loose weave? Lambswool Flannel Pants - Mid Gray VBC Super 100s Winter Flannel - Light Gray
Here are some pictures I took of my new custom made briefcase, read my review here.
Oh, I forgot to mention that Joseph have agreed to give a 10% discount to all Styleforum members, PM me if you want the discount code.I'm 19.Depends on how tall you are really, I'm 5'7 ft so I could have gone smaller, but it's all down to personal preference.
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