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Full brouge in suede and danite/rubber sole, Terry last. What you think?
From Strong Eye Leather, check out his website for prices, it's a customized John Locke briefcase.
New custom made briefcase with shoulder straps and newspaper back pocket. Veg tanned briddle leather in chestnut.
I need a proxy from Spain. Please contact me with your personal fee if you want to do this, and do write in the thread so anyone else who might need a spanish proxy in the future can contact you.
Good news: Sandro told me that in a months time, their webshop will get a bigger selection of shoes.
They was available on their website some time ago. I have them in regular calf. You need to email them anyway, because they only accept email orders, so the answer is pretty obvious: that you need to send them a follow up email after 3-4 days if they don't respond.
They're out of stock. However, they do sell the same model, but without rubber sole. Living in Norway with rain, snow and very cold tempratures, I must have rubber soles on such a casual shoe as a brouge derby.These are my two options now:1 Septime Largeur with leather sole, get local cobbler to glue on rubber soles2 Herring Kendal, have danite sole and storm welt. But I'm a little skeptical to pebble grain.
My custom ordered briefcase (with detachable shoulder strop) is finished:
He ships the briefcase today, but shipping time from USA to Norway might take some days. Judging by the picture, I'm very satisfied:
Update: Sandro emailed me that you could buy the blue suede double monks actually, but that it they would be in stock in 30-45 days.
New Posts  All Forums: