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Oh, I forgot to mention that Joseph have agreed to give a 10% discount to all Styleforum members, PM me if you want the discount code.I'm 19.Depends on how tall you are really, I'm 5'7 ft so I could have gone smaller, but it's all down to personal preference.
My review is finished now, btw Strong Eye Leather have changed name to J P. Marcellio.Review: Custom Leather Briefcase From J.P Marcellino
Here are some more pictures taken in my backyard. With the shoulder strap attached: The shoulder strap very sturdy compared to other briefcases I've seen, since it's stitched together by two leather pieces.
I have received my custom made briefcase from Joseph P. Marcellino. (Previously called Strong Eye Leather). All his bags are fully hand made and hand stitched. The whole briefcase is made of veg tanned leather from Herman Oak, except the inside divider. Here it's used chrome leather (lighter), and the top is finished with a 10 oz bridle strip for added support. Fist I ordered a custom briefcase based on a picture of another briefcase and added some details to it, but it...
Yes, it's on its way as we speak! But I saw a soft leather briefcase on the irl yesterday and just had to make this thread!
Looking for a soft leather briefcase with zipper enclosure and shoulder strap. Any suggestions? 200-300$ mark.
Don't know, pics are from their tumblr.
Full brouge in suede and danite/rubber sole, Terry last. What you think?
From Strong Eye Leather, check out his website for prices, it's a customized John Locke briefcase.
New custom made briefcase with shoulder straps and newspaper back pocket. Veg tanned briddle leather in chestnut.
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