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You're nearly in the same boat as me then. The suit I posted over your post is me wearing 38 short and I'm 172. Just need to take in the sides, shorten the sleeves and trousers and it will be good. I assume as 170 the 38 short trousers were too long right?
Got my SS suit, opinions? Think it will look good if I take in the sides a little and shorten the sleeves. When I tighten it a little:
I bought a Suitsupply DB suit in 48 Short (24). The thing is that 46 would be too tight, 48 too long and 48 Short (24) too wide since it's wider than a regular 38, but since I'm not very tall (172cm) a regular 48 would be too long on the sleeves and with functional buttonholes it would just look weird since I would need to shorten the sleeves much. So I figured that a 48 Short (24) would be easiest to do alterations with. I know it's too big now, but my question is if I...
So you consider it bad to make suggestion for improvements?
I am not very tall (172cm) and have the same problem as you, I have a 38 short (24) suit on its way to me right now, but I am afraid that it will be too big. However, with alterations it might work. A 38 regular would fit me perfect, problem is that the sleeves would be too long and as you said, the working buttonholes makes it "impossible" to alter the sleeves lenght as much as wanted.So if it's way to big, then I'm going to swap it for a 36 and just take it out in the...
I think it's best if the customer know which mill the fabric is from.
I was actually meaning 46 vs 24. I have a 46 sport coat from them, but I needed to take it out in the side seams and the middle back seam to get it to fit, wouldn't it be easier to take in a 24?
Okay, here's the deal, would it be easiest to take out a 46 or take in a 24 based on these measurements? Height: 172cm Chest: 95cm Upper waist: 87 cm Waist (trouser): 86 Edit: Fixed numbers Suitsupply measurements Shoulder Chest Upper Waist Waist (trousers) 46R 44 101.5 90 82 48R 45 105.5 94 86 24S 45 106.5 98 90
Just placed an order for an unfused English collar shirt, would the shape of the collar be significantly worse unfused, due to the curved shape?
I really liked this soft leather briefcase from Coach, it's going for around $200 on ebay, I think it's worth that? I've heard people talking about Coach briefcases not being worth its money, but they were talking about 400-500$- ish briefcases, and this has a much nicer price, and the leather seems very nice based on pictures.
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