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Here you go:
Nice fit, but could be a little wider around the chest.
Okay, this is my suit after alterations. I am not 100% satisfied and ask for guidance. The tailor did take in the waist a little too much so I look like a duck, I was therefore thinking to let out the waist a little (blue stripes). However, since I find the suit a little too big around the waist and on the front, I was thinking to take in the midseam (red stripe) by around 1 inch. Any input on this plan?
Found one? I also need one.
Are they too formal for casual wear? Thinking peacoat, sweater and button down shirts.
I think he means there is much air between the lapels and his chest.
That Rubinacci Samurai PS is just hilariously cool.
I think the jacket needs so much shortening that it would not look good after alterations imo.
Any similar suggestions?
I have another version of a Boggi quilted jacket and it's my favorite quilted jacket atm because of the patch pockets and the thin material, making it a perfect light weight quilted jacket as opposed to the more thick Barbours.Fit seems nice, but a little long sleeves. Also, I recommend you to try unfused shirt collars, much more comfortable and better looking imo. I also like their new English spread collar.
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