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Here are some side pictures. I am going to to the tailor soon. What should I tell him? To take in the jacket some more behind the armholes, and what more?
With MTM shirts I should be able to find the perfect length so the shirt will look great both tucked and un tucked, or can't I have both? Since I am young and don't use suits very often, having the option to use the same shirt tucked or untucked would be very practical.
How is Madovas sizing? Because their smallest size is size 8", and that is 20 cm, my hand is like 18-19 cm, so I should have size 7 1/2.....
Here you go:
Nice fit, but could be a little wider around the chest.
Okay, this is my suit after alterations. I am not 100% satisfied and ask for guidance. The tailor did take in the waist a little too much so I look like a duck, I was therefore thinking to let out the waist a little (blue stripes). However, since I find the suit a little too big around the waist and on the front, I was thinking to take in the midseam (red stripe) by around 1 inch. Any input on this plan?
Found one? I also need one.
Are they too formal for casual wear? Thinking peacoat, sweater and button down shirts.
I think he means there is much air between the lapels and his chest.
That Rubinacci Samurai PS is just hilariously cool.
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