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It's a Cantarelli (italian), might that help on determining it?
Anyone can see if this is a 3-2-roll lapels? Click here for bigger picture
Yes you can. Take a towel inbetween the trousers and iron and steam it.
I have decided to sell my J.P MARCELLINO Custom-made leather briefcase because of my back problem so currently I am only using backpacks or nothing at all. Because of this I have not been using this briefcase and it's therefore just as new. The briefcase is fully hand made and hand stitched. The whole briefcase is made of veg tanned leather from Herman Oak, except the inside divider. Here it's used chrome leather (lighter), and the top is finished with a 10 oz bridle...
Maybe you should try and contact Luxire themselves before asking more than one place?Because they have a whole team that sits down and discuss what changes they think should be made to the fit of the shirt and are generally very helpful and knowledgable. Your yoke is too long, your armhole is too long, sleeve width is way too wide, so much to fix for your next order, if you had taken a picture of the whole shirt it would also be easier to see if you need to lengthen the...
I didn't have the collar stays in, with them I think it's fine. Btw, what's up with the button?
What do you think of the fit on my first Luxire shirt? Very satisfied with the first fit, but could be improved a little I think. Should I do all these small changes you think? 1 A little shorter sleeves 2 Slim down the body (chest, mid waist and waist measurement) a little 3 Make shirt longer 4 A little bigger armhole width
Here are some side pictures. I am going to to the tailor soon. What should I tell him? To take in the jacket some more behind the armholes, and what more?
With MTM shirts I should be able to find the perfect length so the shirt will look great both tucked and un tucked, or can't I have both? Since I am young and don't use suits very often, having the option to use the same shirt tucked or untucked would be very practical.
How is Madovas sizing? Because their smallest size is size 8", and that is 20 cm, my hand is like 18-19 cm, so I should have size 7 1/2.....
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