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Think they are these:
Of course you disagree if the sleeves fits you without having the sleeves taken up too much. So tell me, what should I do when I need to take up the sleeves 2-4 centimeter?
When will they stop with functional buttonholes? Size 46 is too tight, size 48 I need to take up sleeves too much and size 24 is way too wide...
Would be nice to see some chino colors similar to these ones.
When will you get more 69$ chinos fabrics in light beige and other lighter colors?
Okay so the Rui in 6.5 UK fits me very good, but Hiro in 6.5 UK is very tight width wise. So for my next orders, do you think I should purchase 6.5 UK and stretch them, or go up to 7 UK?
Luxire made my last shirt order incorrectly, I told them that I wanted a remake, and they wanted me to cover shipping charges both ways. It's not fair that the customer should pay shipping charges both way when the company have made the shirt incorrectly. Around 20$ in shipping each way is nearly the amount the shirt costed in the first place.
All blazers, sportsjackets and suits on Yoox have all buttons buttoned on pictures. :S
Well, it's from Yoox, so it have not been used before.
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