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Anyone know if their chinos shrink when you wash them?
Isn't it just easier to just contact them?
No, less than an inch will not be enough to make the sleeves long enough.
Anyone have real experience with their chinos, I am debating on whether or not I should purchase some Brook Brothers Milano or some Luxire chinos, which of these would be best?
Taking them to a cobbler and stretch a pair of shoes 5mm cost me 15$ and is not bad for the leather, so tell me, why shouldn't I do it?
Indeed, much better selection of lighter colors!
I have a 24 double breasted suit, but I never managed to make it slim enough without the fabric at the back started to pull/crease. Might have more success with a two button blazer maybe?
Shortening from the shoulder is like playing Bingo, can turn out bad. Also, there is not one tailor in my whole country that would be able to shorten it from the shoulder with a good result.
I am 5'7 feet. Size 38S (size 24) is way too wide and need so much slimming in the sides that it won't look good. 46 is too tight, 48 fits nice, but sadly the sleeves are too long and have functional buttonholes.
Not at all, since their suits and blazers lenght tends to be quite spot on for me, as they by standard are quite short. Functional buttonholes are highly unpractical and makes shortening the sleeves much more difficult.
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