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Well that can't be right, because I have not ordered from Herring the last 24 months, and I am not able to use the discount code neither…So it's strange that the discount code doesn't work for me, because although I have not ordered for the last 24 months, I still have 4-5 orders in total placed earlier.
Hi, since the Ashby is a updated more slimmer version of the Bedale, which shoulder I get in the liner? I have the Ashby in Medium, which I suppose is size 38.
I did go for the light Grey. It some texture and looked great.
Hi, so I tried Ashby in Medium, and it suits me better right? Not tight anywhere, just got a tad more space to add a waistcoat or a sweater without any problems. Size Small was a tad tight in the shoulders and too little room in the chest/waist.Size medium or small?
Hi, my bad, I meant Small of course. I tried medium also in the store, but it just felt too large.Here is fit pic (small) :
Hi, just got an Barbour Ashby in size 36 (I'm 5'8" and 160 lbs). Fits perfect in the waist and chest, but a tad tight around the back of the shoulders when wearing only a regular shirt. I will use it casually without lining, so I am very unsure on whether to keep it or now.
Hi, I am also wondering about Lubiam Studio's quality. I have many LBM 1911 blazers that I know are of great quality, but recently found a Lubiam Studio blazer online, and before buying it, I want to check if it's the "real deal" = The same quality as LBM 1911?! Anyone know?
What do you think?
All around the same price point. All LBM 1911s. Ivory Light Grey Beige (3-2 Roll)
why no responding from OT?
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