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Hi. I have myself tried to see if this problem disappeared after daily use, but I have now used my Meermin shoes (two pairs) for a year without noticing any mayor improvement in sole comfort. So sadly this is not the case.Sandro have also told me by email about this problem, and that the're working in improving the sole in the next few months (received 1 month ago) so I am just curios if the soles indeed have became flatter like he told me they would.
Hi, how are the sole comfort? Previous Meermin pairs I have ordered did not have a flat sole, making them uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Could you please take picture of the shoes from the side so it would be possible to see if their production still have this problem?Meermin sole (very round)Then see an example of a Loake shoe (different brand), see how flat the sole is?
I really have not used any of my Meermin shoes lately, because they just are too uncomfortable to use. The problem is that the sole on all the Meermin shoes are not flat, making them less comfortable when compared to other shoe makers like Loake and Carmina who have a much more flatter sole. It can't be so hard to make the sole flatter? I have used my Meermin shoes for over 50 hours without noticing any change in the sole. You can see it clearly on the picture below, the...
Problem with the Caminas I have tried is the low instep. So when it comes to sizing I generally use 7.5 UK in Carmina, 7.5 UK in Meermin, and 7 UK in Loakes Capital Last. Loakes 026 last does not fit my feet at all (7 uk too small, 7.5uk too big). Just gave you an summary of how Carminas fits me compared to other brands, hope it's useful.
We have a tibetian terrier. Despite it's name it's not a member of the terrier group, but acquired its name from European travelers who thought it looked like a terrier. Bred and raised in monasteries by lamas over 2000 years ago, Tibetan Terriers were kept as good luck charms, mascots, watchdogs, and companions. In addition to herding sheep, they were also used to retrieve articles that fell below mountain sides. Known as the "Holy Dogs of Tibet", they were never sold...
Seems like Loake Pimlico are the best chukkas from Loake. Just tried some Loake Kempsington, and they are not any good fitting, being on the 026 last. The 026 last feels much tighter and when I tried to size up half a size, it became too big, so the 026 last is either too tight or too big, not fitting my feet at all. The Capital Last however (Pimlico) fits me much better. I have a pair of Loake Buckingham in 7 UK that are on the Capital Last and they are extremely...
I have a pair of Jodhpur boots in the Forrest last, width is okay, but the instep/vamp are is very snug and I would like to stretch it a bit. Is stretching the instep more easy and with better results than stretching the width?
I have RM Williams Comfort Craftsman in Size 7G and have had them for over 2 years. I am thinking to purchase some new but I am not sure which size I should get. Because 7G in Comfort Craftsman is a little narrow in the toe box (my big toe was touching the toe box ceiling and making a notch on the inside) and a little narrow at the little toe (width). I was thinking to either size up to 7,5G or go for 7 H(wide). What do you think? Locally I tried 7.5G and they feel better...
I use size 7 UK in Loake, and my C&J Lowndes in size 7 UK are so tight that I need to sell them. It's because the last is rather narrow.
Well that can't be right, because I have not ordered from Herring the last 24 months, and I am not able to use the discount code neither…So it's strange that the discount code doesn't work for me, because although I have not ordered for the last 24 months, I still have 4-5 orders in total placed earlier.
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