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Ive been lurking the forum for the last few months trying to digest what I read. Before I joined sf I was looking to purchase a black suit as my first. Holy sheet was I misinformed. I have been consistently lurking b&s but haven't found anything perfect yet. Well I will be interviewing for jobs soon and need to find something very quickly. Its getting to the point where I either need to order something soon, or find a local otr that is more than likely a less superior...
Great idea!! I have been looking for the last month straight. Looking for a modern fit navy or charcoal 36/38s with about a 17" shoulder under 1,000.
Thank you! I went with removable collar stays, cut away medium collar, darts, placket, and no pocket.
I am a total noob in the shirt department. I am going to order one of these trial Modern Tailor shirts. Can someone advise me on appropriate options. I am 27 years old, will be purchasing a slim cut suit, slim/athletic build. Going to purchase the blue shirt. Based off my brief description... What style collar? Collar stay - yes/no Pocket - yes/no Placket - yes/no Plain or darts Thanks!
Just as title states. Looking for 36 or small 38 in charcoal or navy, slim cut, modern fit suit. No stripes please. Budget is <900. I know they aren't well received around here but the cut and fit of Dolce, Prada..ect suits are what I'm looking for. Brand makes no difference. Thanks!!
First post. I am looking at getting my first suit and have a few questions. I have been lurking styleforum for awhile now and trying to digest all of the info. I am small but have an athletic build. I am looking for a 36s jacket and 30/31 pant, charcoal or navy, modern fit suit (26 y.o.). Trying to stay under $900 or so. Any thoughts on this suit...quality, fit..ect. Better options? http://cgi.ebay.com/4400-LANVIN-Luca...item43a4e8c40b Also, I have only tried on...
New Posts  All Forums: