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Great feedback. I see what your referring to with the high button stance. That is not good. Anything I can do?
First off, this whole dressing yourself thing is a lot harder than you all make it look. This is my first suit (otr) so I'm still learning but wanted to get a critique before I have it tailored. Does it fit? What alterations would you recommend to make it fit my profile best. In the pictures the pants are unhemmed and I did roll them up but I realize the length is not correct. This is also the first decent dress shirt I've purchased (moderntailor) so any constructive...
I just received my test shirt today and I must say I'm pretty impressed. I pulled it out of the package already assuming it wasn't going to fit but it did. The only issue I notice is if I reach my arms forward like I'm giving a hug it feels tight in the back. Also, when I lift my arms up the shoulders lift up as well. Any idea whats causing this? I'm going to try and get a few pics shortly. Nice work Modern Tailor!!
See if these are any better. Shoulder seems to get a slight dimple. Not sure whats causing it.
Judging by this terrible photo...how do the shoulders fit?
Those pictures are not showing up JRD. Any idea what type of tie it is. I thought it looked like a smaller weave grenadine. Here is another pic.
Is this a charcoal grenadine tie?
Did any of you track your packages and if so was the tracking accurate? Mine shipped more than a week ago and its still in China.
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquidus I wouldn't get a $1k suit from Ebay as your first suit. I hear ya but my options around here are fairly limited without paying 2000+ for a similar quality suit. Also, the seller does give full refunds. I'd rather avoid that hassle but the option is there. As for the shoulders, they would be .25 inch or so big at best. Anyone have anymore info on the quality of this suit? In your guys opinion does it look...
Thanks for the responses. Another thing that has kept me from purchasing is the shoulders. I tried on a suit yesterday with a 17.5 inch shouder and it seemed to fit well but ideally I think I'm a 17-17.25. That small of a shoulder seems very difficult to come across. Can the shoulders be adjusted any way just that small amount without having to deconstruct the suit or is that small of a difference something I shouldn't worry about?
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