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Quote: Originally Posted by Liquidus I wouldn't get a $1k suit from Ebay as your first suit. I hear ya but my options around here are fairly limited without paying 2000+ for a similar quality suit. Also, the seller does give full refunds. I'd rather avoid that hassle but the option is there. As for the shoulders, they would be .25 inch or so big at best. Anyone have anymore info on the quality of this suit? In your guys opinion does it look...
Thanks for the responses. Another thing that has kept me from purchasing is the shoulders. I tried on a suit yesterday with a 17.5 inch shouder and it seemed to fit well but ideally I think I'm a 17-17.25. That small of a shoulder seems very difficult to come across. Can the shoulders be adjusted any way just that small amount without having to deconstruct the suit or is that small of a difference something I shouldn't worry about?
Ive been lurking the forum for the last few months trying to digest what I read. Before I joined sf I was looking to purchase a black suit as my first. Holy sheet was I misinformed. I have been consistently lurking b&s but haven't found anything perfect yet. Well I will be interviewing for jobs soon and need to find something very quickly. Its getting to the point where I either need to order something soon, or find a local otr that is more than likely a less superior...
Great idea!! I have been looking for the last month straight. Looking for a modern fit navy or charcoal 36/38s with about a 17" shoulder under 1,000.
Thank you! I went with removable collar stays, cut away medium collar, darts, placket, and no pocket.
I am a total noob in the shirt department. I am going to order one of these trial Modern Tailor shirts. Can someone advise me on appropriate options. I am 27 years old, will be purchasing a slim cut suit, slim/athletic build. Going to purchase the blue shirt. Based off my brief description... What style collar? Collar stay - yes/no Pocket - yes/no Placket - yes/no Plain or darts Thanks!
Just as title states. Looking for 36 or small 38 in charcoal or navy, slim cut, modern fit suit. No stripes please. Budget is <900. I know they aren't well received around here but the cut and fit of Dolce, Prada..ect suits are what I'm looking for. Brand makes no difference. Thanks!!
First post. I am looking at getting my first suit and have a few questions. I have been lurking styleforum for awhile now and trying to digest all of the info. I am small but have an athletic build. I am looking for a 36s jacket and 30/31 pant, charcoal or navy, modern fit suit (26 y.o.). Trying to stay under $900 or so. Any thoughts on this suit...quality, fit..ect. Better options? Also, I have only tried on...
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