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Thanks unjung. Thats kinda what I was thinking...and hoping.
I ordered a plain blue pinpoint. Is it supposed to look patterned like this photo appears to?
Just ordered 2 more shirts from MT. *prays* Quote: Originally Posted by thexfactor it feels kinda tight on my chest and shoulders another .5 extra? to chest and shoulder? arm length seems alittle short? .5 more? does the collar look too small? should I go for big instead of regular? Collar looks good. Which collar is it? Stiff, soft? I like it.
Can you guys help me out. I need my first white and blue shirt and just want the classic non-stripe shirt. Looking at the $40-75 range if possible. I'm having trouble finding my best option. MT has some on sale last week but they sold out and now it seems they have very little. Also, is it just me or did there inventory decrease?
The best collar I've seen from MT acecow. I think some of the other brands out their have superior collars but I'm sure MT will get better as they seem to listen to customer feedback.
Second shirt posted looks better. I don't understand why people say its "fine". These are MTM shirts, they are supposed to fit you damn near perfect. You don't see store displays where the clothes fit fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman You can. That's what I do. I got a shirt made with cut-away collar with measurements of medium classic collar (5mm lower height and 5mm longer point) and all is fine. You have any pics of this collar?
I'm no expert but it looks to be too big about everywhere.
Thanks guys. I now notice when I hold the jacket closed half inch lower it looks much better. From the get-go I knew something was off with the jacket but couldn't figure out what. This has definitely been a learning experience for me. btw acrid your outfits are always impressive in WAYWRN.
Tony I will no doubt be getting a lower button stance on my next suit. In the mean time I'm stuck trying to alter this one. Yea I'm going to take it to the tailor and see if he can adjust anything to change the affect of the suit. And getting more personal...I am very active and have fallen off the wagon for the last month. I have probably an 3/4 to an inch in my chest and 2-3 inchs in my stomach that will be slimmed down soon. This should help shouldn't it?
New Posts  All Forums: