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Second shirt posted looks better. I don't understand why people say its "fine". These are MTM shirts, they are supposed to fit you damn near perfect. You don't see store displays where the clothes fit fine.
I'm no expert but it looks to be too big about everywhere.
Thanks guys. I now notice when I hold the jacket closed half inch lower it looks much better. From the get-go I knew something was off with the jacket but couldn't figure out what. This has definitely been a learning experience for me. btw acrid your outfits are always impressive in WAYWRN.
Tony I will no doubt be getting a lower button stance on my next suit. In the mean time I'm stuck trying to alter this one. Yea I'm going to take it to the tailor and see if he can adjust anything to change the affect of the suit. And getting more personal...I am very active and have fallen off the wagon for the last month. I have probably an 3/4 to an inch in my chest and 2-3 inchs in my stomach that will be slimmed down soon. This should help shouldn't it?
Great feedback. I see what your referring to with the high button stance. That is not good. Anything I can do?
First off, this whole dressing yourself thing is a lot harder than you all make it look. This is my first suit (otr) so I'm still learning but wanted to get a critique before I have it tailored. Does it fit? What alterations would you recommend to make it fit my profile best. In the pictures the pants are unhemmed and I did roll them up but I realize the length is not correct. This is also the first decent dress shirt I've purchased (moderntailor) so any constructive...
See if these are any better. Shoulder seems to get a slight dimple. Not sure whats causing it.
Judging by this terrible do the shoulders fit?
Those pictures are not showing up JRD. Any idea what type of tie it is. I thought it looked like a smaller weave grenadine. Here is another pic.
Is this a charcoal grenadine tie?
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