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Hey there, Not the most well versed on suits. Can anyone tell me more about this suit. Year, overall quality, cut...ect. It's advertised as a 2013 Gucci. I'm trying to find something with a low button stance and hoping this will work.
What about these slacks for a spring wedding? The light blue. Anyone have a pair of 31's they would like to sell?
I recently started a new job and I'm looking to get some trousers. The trousers I'm currently wearing are from a Lanvin suit I purchased. Looking for something relatively slim fitting(5'7, 150lbs). The Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald seem it may be a good fit. Any recommendations?
Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier It never does. I figured. Thanks grendier!
Not sure if this has been answered yet but does anyone know if the Corporate Membership will stack with this deal. Looking at the non-iron shirts.
For the majority of "young professionals" I think BB suits are the best option. However, I prefer a suit that is more modern cut and fitted to accentuate the effort I put into staying fit, which IMO BB falls short of. For shirts and ties I love BB and think its hard to beat.
I digress from the original topic but I have been wondering...if the cut of TF suits is so popular why hasn't anyone replicated the cut at a cheaper price point?
Although Luxottica manufacturers many sunglasses their certainly are quality differences. Frame materials, lens quality, ect. I purchased a pair of Oliver Peoples 5 years ago and have become quite loyal to the brand.
Where is everyone getting their Gingham's? Specifically the non-ocbd's. Thinking about getting a few for my navy suit and having trouble finding them. Under $80 if possible.
The best collar I've seen from MT acecow. I think some of the other brands out their have superior collars but I'm sure MT will get better as they seem to listen to customer feedback.
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