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It's hard to find somewhere nice in the CBD. Most of the apartments are aimed at students (there are two major universities in the middle of town). I would agree with Gutman. Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Parnell etc are all generally nice. It depends what your budget is. Devonport is also a nice place if you're working in the CBD. Just a cheap ferry trip over the harbour. The buses are ok if you are living in one of the above inner-city suburbs. The trains aren't bad...
Hey Foo, i've been having pretty good luck with Primal Blueprint fitness - it's a free online fitness ebook. It has some good, basic bodyweight exercises that can be performed at home, and are easily scalable depending on your level of ability. (Pg 34 -56) You probably wont get the immediate results of something like p90, but it seems like a much easier starting point. It's designed to be easy to maintain too. I...
Looks much better. Personally, I would put in a bit more product on back of the top of your head to give it a bit of lift / texture.
I picked up 4 CT shirts last week. They worked out to be about 15 pounds each (with VAT deducted for international orders). Unfortunately I wasn't very impressed with the shirts. The material was passable, but the so-called slim fit was not very flattering (generally quite loose and baggy, particularly in the sleeves), The colours and patterns were also off, relative to the picture on the website. In the end I shipped them back to the UK at my expense. Lesson...
This link is from my tailor. I usually just use a suit bag so I cant say how well it works though.
NOBD, you always have amazing shots. Love the fabric choices too. Where are you getting your suits made?
Any idea when / if we might see the white linen squares again?
Humidity has been pretty bad for the last couple of weeks (by New Zealand standards). To answer your question, I do it every now and then when i'm running low on collared shirts to wear in a casual setting, but I wouldn't wear it to work. Take the cufflinks out.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Very nice. What kind of tie is that?
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