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PM sent on Alden Chukka's
Dang, wish these were my size! Nice deal....
I did the same thing with my cordovan penny's purchased last year, it softened the sole up a bit and greatly reduced the heel lift I was getting. Great tip!
Thanks! We need to do another run of the Black Scotchgrain and the Chocolate Calf / Brown Suede
Wow, loving those.........Any more of those Black Scotchgrains to be had? I need a 9.5D or 9D if they fit like the Barrie lastAre the Sccotchgrain Shell or Calf or combination?
When did the private sale start? I never received my notification in the mail... If I am a 9.5D in the Lindrick, PTB, Marlow Wingtip and Loafer what size would I need in the Tassel? The 9.5 Lindrick is a bit long on me, but 9D in the others felt a bit too snug. Thanks
I'll take em, PM sent. Thanks
Dang, wish these were in my size.....Some amazing prices here folks. GLWS!
FYI, RL now has most/all sizes available in the cordovan Lindrick + another for the sweet ankle action
Too bad those tan suede aren't a 9D, they look very nice. GLWS
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