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I did buy firearm, bought SWHC instead of RGR. Bought SWHC at $8.05, but I also bought them at $15 and $11 last summer before their nosedive. Averaged down to $9.97 last Nov and now seeing some 40% gain.
Why not casinos or firearm manufacturers? They conflict with your personal believes?I read in the Credit Suisse report that sin stocks can have a premium because people tend to avoid them.
Not really, but there is a mutual fund, with an aptly named ticker symbol VICEX.
I feel you bro, it's like those "Shoulda Coulda Woulda" moment that you'll always remember as a stock keeps going to the moon. Hindsight is a cruel mistress. Hope you get well soon.
Well NFLX just shot up 11% in after hour trading due to increased subscribers. I'm still beating myself up for not buying them when they were in the $70-80 range. Then again I wasn't into investing back then.
Wow, 14% jump with SWHC, all based on updating their expectation that it was a strong Q4.
Bought VXF and 20 BRK.B. Both will be long hold, hopefully 20+ years.
If you look at the reviews for the outlet seller, you can see that last year the wallets were only £25. Why didn't I see that last year!
Ahh, you're right. Typed in "Whitehouse cox" in Google and popped out bunch of Japanese websites. I ended up buying one for myself to check out their quality, after looking at my wallet from chicken shit outfit Danier. Got the Newton one, it should darken over time with uses.
What do you mean for the Japanese market? Did it say on the Ebay page that they were made for said market? I guess it's the OCD in Japanese. I'm a bit too, can't stand seeing my bills all crumpled up, or even a bend in the middle with a bi-fold wallet. A breast wallet is what i want.
New Posts  All Forums: