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Trying to rid of some of my SC and other things collected over the year. Here is the link to them: http://www.styleforum.net/t/287214/the-un-official-thrift-buy-sell-trade-want-thread/1500#post_6959623
Looking to unload some of my collections. Bunch of sport coats and a pair of shoes. Shipping from Canada so postage will be a bit more, either cash or exchange.1) 40S navy silk SC (might fit 38) [[SPOILER]] 2) 40S black Isaia cashmere SC [[SPOILER]] 3) 40/42R Chester Barrie forest green DB SC [[SPOILER]] 4) 42R Brioni gold/navy houndstooth SC, single-vented [[SPOILER]] 5) 40/42R Canali gold/brown/green SC, unvented [[SPOILER]] 6) Untagged but 42/44 E. Zegna brown...
Price Drop, now $75 each, including worldwide shipping.Cleaning out the closet, selling 3 pairs of NWT Mabitex pants, all are unhemmed. Shipping from Vancouver to anywhere. Discount for local pickups. Measurements included. They all fit slim.1) 100% Cotton pants, silver color, size 46, 4th and 5th photo closest to true colorWaist: 16"Rise: 9"Inseam: 37"Calf: 11.5" [[SPOILER]] 2) 95% wool and 5% lycra, POW, size 48, 1st photo closest to true color SOLDWaist: 16"Rise:...
I agree as well. Go with Vanguard, and start with their Total Stock Market Index. VTI for their ETF's, not sure what the code is for their mutual fund, look it up on www.vanguard.com
I you're looking for Canadian income and have a very low risk tolerance, why not buy CDP. It's ETF's of preferred shares from Canadian companies. It qualifies for the enhanced dividend credit too.
Wow, very informative. I've always wonder why there are streaks after I brush my waxed captoes, that's because I've been using horsehair brush, and not goat hair. Good timing. As for leather sole care, anyone knows a dealer in North America for the Tapir on page 4? It cost 35 Euro to post to Canada.
Should have sold my SWHC when it was above $15.
Fort Langley is a bit out of my way, so I haven't been there before. I'm looking for a homberg or a fedora right now, so just browsing eBay. Have you been to the Vancouver flea market at Terminal St? There used to be a seller that sells hats, with a lot of great reviews on their Facebook page, but they've moved since last year. Look up Second Chance Hats, they might be back in April though, somewhere in Surrey.
ImTheGroom - Since you're also in Vancouver, there is http://thehatshop.ca/ at Granville Island. Seems like they're now offering hat cleaning and reshaping for $30. I'm not sure about that service but it's a pretty cool place to visit if you're in the neighborhood.
From the photo it looks like there was something sitting on the crown of the hat, thus causing it to caved in. If I have to guess, from the tight curl on the brim, I'm guessing it's a homberg, the one with a centre crease down the middle of the crown, but it could also be a homberg with two pinches on the side of the crown, sort of like a mix with a fedora/trilby. I doubt it's wearable at this moment, but if there is no damage on the felt, you can easily re-block the hat...
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