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@idfnl The most important thing about trading is to keep emotions in check. For me, I just hate the thought of losing out on any big gains because I sold at an inopportune time. In the back of my head, I always question "Did I just sell a future Google/Microsoft/Bershire Hathaway/etc?" It rears its ugly head again on Friday, when I sold my TWTR to buy SWHC, I hesitated for a good 5 minutes before I complete the sell order. I reassured myself that SWHC is a company with...
Yes, I thought about that, using 20% for speculative plays. But I know my temperament, and it makes me anxious and self-doubting whenever I sell my holdings. The worst thing to happen is the stock I sold shoots up, while the newly bought ones just do nothing. So many times I had to myself for trading. I find that passive indexing gets rid of that anxiety in me, and helps me stay the course.Of course, that 5% speculative play is just for my inner-hunter ego's indulgence.
I'm 34, invest in 5 index ETF's, all stock as I need to build up a pot of "Fuck You Money" for early retirement. 5% of my portfolio is for trading purposes. Started investing 2 years ago, started with picking stock, then switched into index investing in 2013. I don't see how you can prevent people cherry pick their data to bury their loses, except perhaps to publish their annualized/YTD returns.
Sold my TWTR today, split the proceeds equally into SWHC and ATK.
That's the fallacy of looking at a money manager as a professional who's better than you at managing money. We tend to see that a licensed professional is better than a lay person, such as a physician, dentist, plumber, or car mechanic, it's a heuristics that works most of the time; not so in finance and stock market.90% of stocks are own by institutions nowadays, and there are tonnes of smart and driven people working on Wall St, looking for that edge. In order to...
My entire portfolio, taxable and tax deferred, is up 8.27% YTD, according to Morningstar.
VTI is all you need, maybe mix in some VXUS in a 70/30 mix. Buy and forget, dollar cost average every month with fresh money. Hold for 20 years and reap the reward of compounding.
If we all look at the same stock the same way, there wouldn't be any efficient pricing system; it's the opposing views that make the market. Having said that, TWTR's fundamental is crap, it's bleeding money. The only saving grace is its growth in users, and I believe more and more companies will use social media (FB and TWTR) to engage their users and consumers, particularly entrepreneurs and startups. TWTR isn't a value play, it's a speculative growth play. That's why I...
This reminds me of this quote:"One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute." - William FeatherI see it differently, the platform may suck, but it's a popularity contest. Celebrities are using Twitter to broadcast their dull and sometimes narcissistic thoughts, while companies use it to engage customers. I think there is still some growth left.
TWTR is on this continuous march upward. This was my speculative play, only $2k in. Should've bought more, but thankfully I didn't sell when it hit new high last month. Let it ride!
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