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Haven't been out in awhile, so I was pretty surprised to find this near mint redline 501, there is a X mark inside the pocket. I'll let the photos do the talking. [[SPOILER]] Will keep for now.
Hackett 2pc morning suit, 44R. Available [[SPOILER]]
White cotton SC from RL, 38R. Can't find the country of origin. Some yellow stain around the collar, should come out with dry cleaning. Available.
Haven't thrift in long time. I'm seeing a 44R Hackett morning suit without the vest. Debating whether I should cop and flip it, or leave it and go for lunch.
]Downsizing for a family member, selling this 56R Isaia SC with surgeon cuffs. Measurements are: Shoulders 19.5" Chest 23" Sleeves 24" Back without collar 31" Price includes shipping to anywhere. Ship from Canada.
Yup, you're describing loss aversion.
Lump sum is better than DCA 2 out of 3, and that's based on statistics and past history. Your gut feeling is based on...your gut feeling, whether that's greed or fear. The advantage of DCA is that if the market tanks soon after you start your investing, you're more likely to feel better and stick to your investment goal.But as studies have shown, on average market trend up 2 out of 3, so it is always more favorable to go lump sum. It's like a bet, if you know, on average,...
I'm looking at the ADR, maybe you're looking at the preferred stocks traded on a different (European) exchange?
Found it: is ordinary share, VLKPY is preferred share. Based on my limited understanding, preferred shares are more stable and have higher yield. Ordinary shares participate in the company's growth but are behind bonds and preferred shares when it comes to dividing company assets.Now I'll have to check if Qtrade will allow me to buy VLKAY.
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