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No, unfortunately there is no negotiation in this place. The pricing is ridiculous for a thrift store though. They do run 50% off from time to time but they never advertise it, so it's a crap shoot.Will check back to the store in a few months to see if things have changed.
Anyone heard of Ring Jacket Meister before? Very luxurious feel on the fabric, but have the time to check for the amount of handwork. They want $2,000 HKD in the thrift shop, no thanks.
Very informative, I would've called it a turnip.
My first thought was WTF.
They also have a Ring Jacket SC asking for $2000 HKD. Too rich for me.
Brag-worthy. My 2nd Ring Jacket find in the wild. Three piece for $300 HKD, why not. Pants are currently being lengthened, so not available. Said store also has an ostrich handbag with matching purse and dust bag from Smythson. They want $3500 HKD, too rich for my blood.
must be brain fart, holiday season.
No fault, good condition, added that this suit was bought from a consignment store in HK, hip pockets are still basted shut.
Cross post from Thrift store find:
Selling a 40R Ring Jacket suit, since it's Japanese, it feels more like a slim 40R or regular 38R. Minimal to no shoulder padding, 3-roll 2.5, dual vent with 4 working cuff buttons, FF pants with 2" cuffs , pretty much everything standard for SF. Material is 100% wool, has a nice textured fell, heavier than your regular materials, best for the fall or winter. The sleeves have about 2" material tucked in, but the lowest buttonhole is 1.5" from the cuff, so if you lengthen...
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