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I'm selling a new H&M blue button up and a Express button up. The H&M shirt is new and the Express shirt has been worn twice. I would like $25 shipped for both.
I'm selling two pairs of Levis 514 jeans. First pair is the dark denim and the size is 32/30. It has been worn for 2 months and washed once. Second set is a dark grey 514 and size is 31/30. It was worn for 2 days and never washed. $20 for each pair and please add $5 for shipping.
An SC300/400 would be a good choice.
I had my test shirt laundered and ironed. I wore it today and I am happy with the fit, but I may need to fix a few things: - Shirt feels tight around my bicep. Should I increase half bicep and/or arm hole size? - Back feels a bit tight when I cross my arms... - Sleeves look a bit long- shorten by 1"? - Waist seemed a bit loose, unsure of how much to take in- maybe 1/2"? Here are my measurements
It took a week for shoebuy to process my order then 4 days to get the shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wess Nov 14 here. I monday emailed them about it, no reply yet. Have you tried calling them yet? I called today and they said my coat size was out of stock, but they received shipments and it will be shipping today. So we'll see what happens.
Still waiting for my coat from sterlingwear that I ordered on Nov.29...
Quote: Originally Posted by anthonyjn probably 34r... whats your weight? Sorry I forgot to mention that. I weigh 150lbs and I wear 36 suit coat.
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