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I just wanted to mention why the sleeves were short in case you weren't aware.I understand your point and I think it's just a matter of identifying what brands are trying to produce true reproductions (like Post O'alls) vs. brands that are workwear/vintage inspired with more current touches (maybe like Engineered Garments). I respect both approaches, but I would agree that I would tend to prefer the latter.
The sleeves are meant to be short. Post O'alls designs are based off 1920s-1930s vintage work clothing where the sleeves were designed shorter to help prevent them from getting caught in machinery.
I have a pair of ST-100x I got about 8 months ago and the denim is very soft to the touch, even when new, so it feels a little different than most raw denim. I was lucky to pick up a pair of the Barneys exclusive left hand twill from the online store before they sold out... pretty excited to get them in the mail in a few days!
Does anyone know how SeaVees fit? I'm interested in buying a pair, but not sure how to size properly. I wear a 9.5 in Clarks DBs and 9.0 in Red Wing GTs. Any ideas? Thanks!
Steves came in earlier in the week from the JT sale, but I was traveling so I didn't get them until yesterday. They are definitely pretty tight - could barely button up initially. Seems like they are starting to stretch a little bit after a few hours of wear last night and this morning. No patch even though the JT site said there was one... doesn't really matter to me though, but I thought it was odd. Overall, love the fit and the craftsmanship is great! Can't wait to...
Was eyeing the Steve's on the Rogue Territory website when they went on sale the other week for $110, but decided not to pull the trigger. Broke down when I saw them on ........... the other day for $75 though! A little concerned about the sizing though... went with a size 33 which has a measured waist of 34. Measured some of my current jeans and thought that would work the best. Currently I'm wearing a 32 N&F Slim Guys and they fit great. Anyone have experience...
olo3000, In my post on the previous page I mentioned I wish I had sized down 2 on my slim guys. I wear 33 in most brands and I got a 32 broken twill slim guys. After about 3 weeks, they fit fine but probably a little bigger than they should be. They were very tight the first couple days, but now they have probably stretched out about an inch I would guess. My next pair I would probably get a 31 slim guys. Looks like they fit well from the pics though!
Pics of my broken twill slim guys. This is my first pair of raw denim and they're about 3 weeks old with almost daily wear. I sized down 1 for these - most likely would size down 2 for next pair of slim guys. Color is not accurate, but best I could get with my lighting.
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