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2 weeks - and any answers
AE7, thanks a lot! Finally I understand, how make sale visible.
AE7, please, give me, for example, few links for sample sale in UK or US
/\\ previous link show blank page ((((((((((((
Please, where are from this info about sample sale?
Hi to all! For sale Hugo Boss Orange label Green Wrinkled Look 100% Lamb Leather jacket!!! Description: Size: US 40R (EU 50) Condition: like new without tags. Color: Green with vintage/Wrinkled Look leather Fabric: 100% Lamb Leather Lining: inner lining 50% viscose, 50% cotton and 100% polyester sleeve lining Origin: Made in Sri Lanka Front Closure: 5 elegant buttons Rear Closure: 2 back vents with 1 buttons Front Pockets: 4 flapped front pockets fully lined...
Hi guys! Summer is coming!!!!!!! I need white/off white leather classic belt for my few pairs of white shoes and blue, light blue, white, cream etc. pants. Where I can buy this belt in web? Please, I need advice (link to the shops) from european and US members. I prefer Italy/Spain/French and USA made-in trademarks. My limit is $50-150 (50-100 Euro). Thanks a lot!!! P.S. I very need help and answers from the recognized style icons Phat Guido, SpooPoker, ManofKent,...
Hi! I sell new without tags Andrew Marc Black Lamb Shearling Zip Coat in size L. This jacket brand new, never worn, without tags and with an ultra faint black line through garment label to prevent retail return. This coat my friends bought to me in USA in discount store for $540. It's pity, but it fit very large for me . About item: Colour is black. 100% Lamb shearling coat. Made in Turkey. Fur origin Spain. Fit regular. High collar. Zip front and front zip slash...
Quote: Originally Posted by Insensitive Ideas for you to choose from: 1) Get a sewing needle and randomly punch about 100,000 holes over the surface of that garment. When people ask you about it, tell them it's designed in Ukraine. This will work best if you speak like Borat. Mumble something about women dropping their panties. 2) Wear this garment as-is. When people ask you about it, speak of bread lines and other Ukrainian austerity measures....
Please, more ideas! ))) Thanks!
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