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It's a misprint.
no they don't.You're best bet is Barneys
If you're going to be in the Toronto area we're having a sample sale at the Muttonhead studio Dec 13th - 15th There will be samples, odds and sods, as well as some slight defects / damages. RSVP here - Questions -
We'll be back in the new year. We're planning something for our 5th Year Anniversary Party.
This weekend is full of N&F Events. For the first time ever we're coming out to Saskatchewan Friday December 7th at Luna + Hill in Saskatoon - Saturday December 8th at Coda Clothing & Shoes in Regina - Hope to see you all there.
We're doing an event in Toronto this weekend. Come and check us out at The Showroom on Queen West for Selvedge Denim Origami & Free Sapporo Beer!!
I was investigating Kevlar Denim again a few weeks ago when we were in Japan doing fabric development. It's likely going to happen again in the future. Last time we did 10% Kevlar, in the future I want even more.We once were investigating fire proof denim. How practical it is... I'm not so sure. The likelihood of us getting sued cause some idiot tried to set himself on fire is also high..
Stuff like that only works in the movies.
We're working on it.We're also trying to incorporate a time machine aspect too. The problem is generating 1.21 gigawatts of power that our flux capacitor needs to achieve this.
For those of you in the Toronto area this weekend. We're having a sample sale, lots of odds and ends, from seasons past. Plenty of sizes will be there from 28 - 38. The good sizes will go fast.
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