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New chinos and other items for the fall: http://lyramag.blogspot.com/2012/06/lands-end-canvas-2012.html
Sneak preview of Canvas Fall 2012. The link: http://johnsimondaily.com/2012/05/sneak-peek-lands-end-canvas-fall-2012-collection/
Two new colorways for the Heritage Striped Oxford. Ordered the glacier blue/blue multi stripe to see how it looks in person.
They do that at the Sears' LE in Pasadena and Glendale in Socal. Why not just put all the items in a single bag for an order and just one sticker? I know no other company that does this sticker nonsense. Their return policy is great but the return process in store is a 180. Especially if you have a bunch to have them sent back.
The current initial prices are high/overpriced to those of us that have been lured in to buy Canvas items when they first started out with deep discounts and continuous sales before the uptick in pricing. The cotton shortage plays a little bit into the price hikes as does supply versus demand for Canvas items. But also some customers are gonna be ready, willing, and able to afford to buy at the full initial price, which is why the pricing is the way it is. Canvas is going...
It looks okay to me. Probably some bunching from the shirt underneath or the sweater was sized up for layering. Can't comment on the cotton/cashmere v-neck sweater, but I recently picked up the cotton fine guage v-neck and it is a great piece for the price. I can't believe I've overlooked this item for 2 years that I've been aware of the Canvas brand. Although some customer reviews say it's very thin, that is not the case. I gave it a shot during that $20 sale, and I 'm...
I noticed this as well. The new ones that use light, crisp are less slim, not sure about their length. Never kept the light, crisp poplins. I tried them on, they felt and sounded like worn brown paper bag. Returned to local LE.On a similar note, the heavyweight oxford is less slim than the heritage oxford. The material did feel good and somewhat heftier. A icier shade of blue. But the double pocket look is not for me.I hope there's a 25% of 30% code soon, I'd like to rack...
Let's pray that that is not the case. Maybe there is LEC secret police that is censoring him...? Maybe the comments/questions/suggestions were too hardball, and LEC is reconsidering letting their responses out.
This and the lack of promotion coupons. If you're gonna hike up the prices at least keep the promotional codes coming on a consistent basis like Banana Republic or Gap.I can understand a $5 increase in shirts because of cotton supply shortage, but their price increases have been ridiculous. For example, oxford shirts and the heritage poplin shirts used to be $34.50 when I first heard about Canvas in early 2010, and by late 2010 they went up to $39.50 (not unreasonable),...
It's a one-time use.
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