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ok so I am wearing Tuscan Leather today and I don't know if I'm sickened or pleased but I can still smell Guerlain L'Instant Homme on my arms from yesterday. its certainly a weird combination.
Quote: Originally Posted by djlukin Fish oil is essentially a collection of fatty acids also known as lipids.
ya the rocks and logs are scary, but thats typically while you will see kevlar added to the mix. I use to race hydrofoils (the ones with the extended wings on struts that sit under the water)... veeeerry scary thought to hit something and sheer a wing at 40mph.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I regret that in 8th grade, I had a chance to date this black girl but didn't because I was afraid of girls (and also probably racist). Girl had it going on, too. I may never get another chance to date a black chick I regret dating a black chick. while they certainly have it going on, they do not in a monogomistic way.
ya there definitely is a difference in omega3 supplements. I've always taken them and its made a big difference in my ability to concentrate (I'm all ADD and stuff). A good friend of mine produces these which not to pitch his product but its a good start to reading up on the subject
just got Guerlain L'Instant Homme EdT in the mail from Notreknip, AWESOME! I tend to gravitate to the really strong scents and this is probably the mildest I've enjoyed and it really does sit nicely on the skin.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I read this article over the weekend. To me, the problem is not the diminishing of dress codes (directly speaking, I couldn't care less), but the apparent diminishing of the values that led people to dress well in the first place. I say 'apparent' because the cynical part of me (the biggest part) believes fundamentally it's always been the same: 99% of people don't have the taste, character, or motivation to be...
lol, I knew the shock of cost was going to come up. I've built a few 17' hulls myself, all out of carbon fiber/kevlar. Other than taking up alot of space and a nice pump, its not too hard. Personally, I've always had more fun building them than using them. (trying to drudge up some photos but no luck)
No I can't say I ever did.... and apart from occasionally copying some math homework problems, I can't recall any cheating. I am not against the term paper thing but I could never justify (or afford) a ghost writer.
I struggle greatly with moderation. I have an addictive personality and any time I pick up a hobby or interest, its extreme. I have to be very careful on things I let into my life. I've struggled with drugs, alcohol, nicotine, cars, vintage video games, aquariums, battlebots... you name it. The one thing I know I have a problem with that I have very successfully been able to control is gambling... I just don't involve myself in anything that requires risking money. ...
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