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ya the bar scene is huge... remember your first DUI is a misdemeanor (to give you an idea of the culture). Don't ask people what they have in their garage or their hobbies, the combination of brutal winters, justification of being alcoholics around the house, and isolation of culture has breed some really weird people. I wouldn't worry much about looks, yes obesity is a huge problem and it seems very few people own a suit. Just wear what you normally wear and enjoy...
shirt less
found a dime on the sidewalk this morning in front of the office. I had no hesitation in picking it up. But I did think of this thread when I did so.... I also wanted to note there were several people that gave me weird looks, which I was quite surprised at.
thought I would share this from the other day. Me: [plans]. That is me hitting on you. Her: [alternate plan idea]. That was me not rejecting you. woot!
ok so I am wearing Tuscan Leather today and I don't know if I'm sickened or pleased but I can still smell Guerlain L'Instant Homme on my arms from yesterday. its certainly a weird combination.
Quote: Originally Posted by djlukin Fish oil is essentially a collection of fatty acids also known as lipids.
ya the rocks and logs are scary, but thats typically while you will see kevlar added to the mix. I use to race hydrofoils (the ones with the extended wings on struts that sit under the water)... veeeerry scary thought to hit something and sheer a wing at 40mph.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I regret that in 8th grade, I had a chance to date this black girl but didn't because I was afraid of girls (and also probably racist). Girl had it going on, too. I may never get another chance to date a black chick I regret dating a black chick. while they certainly have it going on, they do not in a monogomistic way.
ya there definitely is a difference in omega3 supplements. I've always taken them and its made a big difference in my ability to concentrate (I'm all ADD and stuff). A good friend of mine produces these which not to pitch his product but its a good start to reading up on the subject http://www.theheartsupplement.com/benefits2.php
just got Guerlain L'Instant Homme EdT in the mail from Notreknip, AWESOME! I tend to gravitate to the really strong scents and this is probably the mildest I've enjoyed and it really does sit nicely on the skin.
New Posts  All Forums: