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walked away from the woman of 4 years.... it was not pretty.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier We are on salary. It's called having a career, not a job. +1 I work a minimum of 50 a week... this can easily break a 100 depending on whats going on. Also I spend 20 a week just on the train.
I am a tentative
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser I got home internet service for the first time last week. I didn't have cable or internet until last year. Its not that I don't know what this stuff is, its just that I am a computer engineer and I don't touch things that involve circuitry in my free time. appropriate
last week I was at the Bristol and had Flossmore station's Saison & Garfunkel (which I think is about the only place you can get it)... incredible! and while it didn't taste like it, a single pint got me quite buzzed. Also had a chance to check out Half Acre's Ambrosia which was quite good. It definitely stands apart from the rest of their beers taste-wise (blind taste test, I would not have guessed half acre) Also had Southern Tier's Phin & Matt's Extraordinary...
Quote: Originally Posted by Logan Have you looked at Etnies? I still have a pair I use as shit kickers. +1 I havent seen what they look like lately but I still have a pair I use as a beaters and they are freakin moon boots as far as width is concerned.
my waist will vary between 30 (summer) and almost 33 (winter). Knowing that, the bulk of my summer wardrobe will be 31 and my winter will be 32s and 33s. Get a variety of sizes if you yo-yo a bit.
you'll be fine. I prefer to mix the two (in the very rare occasions I get vicodin from the doctor)
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I'd find it pretty silly if the entire groom's party didn't have a cohesive look. my sisters wedding is coming up in 2 months and they opted out of tuxes for the groomsmen. At first I was like "Cool"! Now I don't own a proper all black suite, so me as all the groomsmen had to go out and buy the suites. So 600 later, I own a black suite worthy of my sisters wedding. Not that it wasn't nice to get a...
ya the bar scene is huge... remember your first DUI is a misdemeanor (to give you an idea of the culture). Don't ask people what they have in their garage or their hobbies, the combination of brutal winters, justification of being alcoholics around the house, and isolation of culture has breed some really weird people. I wouldn't worry much about looks, yes obesity is a huge problem and it seems very few people own a suit. Just wear what you normally wear and enjoy...
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