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I've always stuck heavily with 2xist.
shoot, I wish I saw this earlier. I like excuses for visiting the bristol but I think the woman would find objection to me hanging out at her favorite restaurant when I should be picking her up from surgery.
been wearing Fat Electrician the past few days (thanks again MyTailorIsRich). I've really been enjoying this one... I'm not even sure if its a complimentary scent but its intriguing me and it sits forever on my skin. The woman hates this one, says I smell like her wife beating uncle. master-classter, I am very interested in GV, might see if there is enough interest to do a split.
sorry for being a small timer rambo :P
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Just a quick update - I'm waiting on 1 more Rose 31 payment. If I don't receive it by Friday I'm going to open up the slot to someone else. If you have interest in a split, PM me and let me know. I thought I was on the list as well but also never got a PM... oh well.
walked away from the woman of 4 years.... it was not pretty.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier We are on salary. It's called having a career, not a job. +1 I work a minimum of 50 a week... this can easily break a 100 depending on whats going on. Also I spend 20 a week just on the train.
I am a tentative
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser I got home internet service for the first time last week. I didn't have cable or internet until last year. Its not that I don't know what this stuff is, its just that I am a computer engineer and I don't touch things that involve circuitry in my free time. appropriate
last week I was at the Bristol and had Flossmore station's Saison & Garfunkel (which I think is about the only place you can get it)... incredible! and while it didn't taste like it, a single pint got me quite buzzed. Also had a chance to check out Half Acre's Ambrosia which was quite good. It definitely stands apart from the rest of their beers taste-wise (blind taste test, I would not have guessed half acre) Also had Southern Tier's Phin & Matt's Extraordinary...
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