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Got a call from my good buddy at late yesterday afternoon asking I wanted to join him and his wife for dinner at the bristol. Now thats one place I can't say no to. They had some menu shakeups and some great beers. I had the monkey bread, duck fat fries, goat tartar, hand cut noodles with escargot, and the chorizo verde. Drinks were Professor Fritz Briem 1809, Goose Island Madam Rose and Flossmoor station Saison & Garfunkel. All 3 of the owners came out and spent...
So I'm headed over to the bristol in about an hour. apparently they have goose islands 3 sisters on tap tonight and some other special stuff for craft beer week. http://chicago.eater.com/archives/20...r-thursday.php (not sure the actual details but thats what google pulled up) then over to the maproom to burn through a gift certificate I've had far too long http://maproom.com/beer.htm should be a good night!
rose 31 today (thanks rambo), first thought was how can I make my bed linens smell like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches i have a close friend who is a very well regarded urologist. he has told me that he would recomend an expert mohel over himself for a basic circ any day. I will certainly remember that! shifting the subject slightly, what does a circumcision cost??? (for an infant). IIRC this use to be covered at least partially under insurance until that health report that it was no longer necessary with modern...
So a buddy left a bottle of Firestone Double Jack in my fridge a few weeks ago. Well temptation got the best of me. I must say that is a damn good beer! and I got surprisingly lit up from it. now to find a way of replacing it... hmmm.
I've always stuck heavily with 2xist.
shoot, I wish I saw this earlier. I like excuses for visiting the bristol but I think the woman would find objection to me hanging out at her favorite restaurant when I should be picking her up from surgery.
been wearing Fat Electrician the past few days (thanks again MyTailorIsRich). I've really been enjoying this one... I'm not even sure if its a complimentary scent but its intriguing me and it sits forever on my skin. The woman hates this one, says I smell like her wife beating uncle. master-classter, I am very interested in GV, might see if there is enough interest to do a split.
sorry for being a small timer rambo :P
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Just a quick update - I'm waiting on 1 more Rose 31 payment. If I don't receive it by Friday I'm going to open up the slot to someone else. If you have interest in a split, PM me and let me know. I thought I was on the list as well but also never got a PM... oh well.
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