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31 and in shape but the last pair of gym shoes I bought was when I was 14. the only stuff that I have that is anything resembling sneakerish is really only used for working in the garage.
saw an infinity with this plate: NBEYOND I'll admit, I chuckled.
I have tuscan leather posted in the sales and trading thread for anyone who wants some 10mL decants.
IIRC their serious moving of air matches their craving for amperage. I was shocked at just how many watts they pulled.
I'm sorry but there should be no conflict in wearing a quality pair of shoes regardless of the circumstances.
picked up a bottle of AMEN pure malt the other day from another member... The idea of aged wiskey barrels intrigued me. Threw a few squirts on, enjoyed it quite a bit but it wasn't the boozy element I was expecting. fast forward to today when I am redonning the same tshirt I was wearing to continue work on my racecar and OMG I was knocked over by the smell when I pulled it over my head. The combination of cigs and what was obviously some raging alcoholic with a scotch...
I love me some Death's Door gin! http://deathsdoorspirits.com/pages/spirits/spirits.php
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron OK guys, I can do about 5 x 10ml Derby decants for ~$30 shipped. I don't have the empty bottles (maybe 1 or 2 on hand) but I'll order some. PM me if you want one. The guys above that have expressed interest can have the first 3 slots if they want in. 1. whodini (? I think that's what he's saying right below) 2. NoTreKnip 3. Parker 4. 5. count me in
I have over 50ml of Tuscan Leather in surplus that I would like to trade or sell. 10ml = 35 shipped, US only EDIT: only 20ml left that I am willing to part with. and sale only, not looking for any more trades.
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Any interest in Derby (Guerlain)? I think it is ideal for a split - relatively pricey, somewhat hard to track down, and a "must have" really. I'd run it, but prices would go up 20-30% as I'm in Canada. I would be in on that. I have too much on my plate to host though.
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