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saw an infinity with this plate: NBEYOND I'll admit, I chuckled.
I have tuscan leather posted in the sales and trading thread for anyone who wants some 10mL decants.
IIRC their serious moving of air matches their craving for amperage. I was shocked at just how many watts they pulled.
I'm sorry but there should be no conflict in wearing a quality pair of shoes regardless of the circumstances.
picked up a bottle of AMEN pure malt the other day from another member... The idea of aged wiskey barrels intrigued me. Threw a few squirts on, enjoyed it quite a bit but it wasn't the boozy element I was expecting. fast forward to today when I am redonning the same tshirt I was wearing to continue work on my racecar and OMG I was knocked over by the smell when I pulled it over my head. The combination of cigs and what was obviously some raging alcoholic with a scotch...
I love me some Death's Door gin! http://deathsdoorspirits.com/pages/spirits/spirits.php
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron OK guys, I can do about 5 x 10ml Derby decants for ~$30 shipped. I don't have the empty bottles (maybe 1 or 2 on hand) but I'll order some. PM me if you want one. The guys above that have expressed interest can have the first 3 slots if they want in. 1. whodini (? I think that's what he's saying right below) 2. NoTreKnip 3. Parker 4. 5. count me in
I have over 50ml of Tuscan Leather in surplus that I would like to trade or sell. 10ml = 35 shipped, US only EDIT: only 20ml left that I am willing to part with. and sale only, not looking for any more trades.
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Any interest in Derby (Guerlain)? I think it is ideal for a split - relatively pricey, somewhat hard to track down, and a "must have" really. I'd run it, but prices would go up 20-30% as I'm in Canada. I would be in on that. I have too much on my plate to host though.
90 posts and no one pointed out insurance costs, especially with being under 25. I find the under 10K market to be difficult especially if your not very hands on with things. The other thing you really need to keep in mind is storage of said 2nd/weekend car. That will really limit your living arrangements especially around a major city. Especially when they require a dedicated garage. Trust me, it quickly becomes a bane, especially when you are really attached to...
New Posts  All Forums: