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or only .998 percent pure due to china's poor QA standards. My money has always been on Palladium, no chance of supply ever increasing and demand continues to rapidly increase (fuel cells and catalytic converters mainly).... I think that ones safe from a bubble condition, ehhh, time will tell.
about a decade ago, I was in need of a first interview outfit for engineering... I hit up a good will store and 20 bucks out the door I had an outfit I would not hesitate to post in WAYWN. Now obviously you can't cheap on footwear so it was worn with a pair of AE seneca in chili. It was a rockin outfit, ten years later the DKNY sport jacket I got for 8 bucks is still my go-to casual jacket. Any article of mens wear that you can break down to less than 10 cents per...
While there are quite a few people in my life that I have tremendous trust in, there is only one person in my life I give absolute trust to... More than a bail me out of jail friend, a help me chop up this body friend. There is absolutely no question he could ask, that he wouldn't have a full disclosure answer to. He is the only person who as a full keyset to my house (including garage which not joking is a steel security door with fingerprint scanner)... and vice...
31 and in shape but the last pair of gym shoes I bought was when I was 14. the only stuff that I have that is anything resembling sneakerish is really only used for working in the garage.
saw an infinity with this plate: NBEYOND I'll admit, I chuckled.
I have tuscan leather posted in the sales and trading thread for anyone who wants some 10mL decants.
IIRC their serious moving of air matches their craving for amperage. I was shocked at just how many watts they pulled.
I'm sorry but there should be no conflict in wearing a quality pair of shoes regardless of the circumstances.
picked up a bottle of AMEN pure malt the other day from another member... The idea of aged wiskey barrels intrigued me. Threw a few squirts on, enjoyed it quite a bit but it wasn't the boozy element I was expecting. fast forward to today when I am redonning the same tshirt I was wearing to continue work on my racecar and OMG I was knocked over by the smell when I pulled it over my head. The combination of cigs and what was obviously some raging alcoholic with a scotch...
I love me some Death's Door gin! http://deathsdoorspirits.com/pages/spirits/spirits.php
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