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think self contained beta aquarium.... that's a much deeper project sitting at bat.
the making of, if anyone is curious [[SPOILER]]
It was a gift, not a subject of my personal interests.
Almost embarrassed to post here as this falls so far under the bar. I was at the AE shoe vault to get a pair of strawfut, ended up going home with a pair of Elgin's with the burnished toe. I have all intention on using these for casual/beat-on duty. Uploaded with
been around woodshops my whole life but was never very hands on. made myself a totoro. for reference made some butcherblock out of antique sugar pine. wiskers and claws are bocote eyes and nose are madagascar ebony the base is a banksia nut no fancy tools used to make this (excluding the butcher block), just a dremel and a dozen sander drums. in retrospect, this was not easy to make
I was in the vegas store last week with cash to burn and while your right its all far more conservative, none of it spoke to me. The shoes while always great weren't justified... and the glasses ugh, did not like... I will gladly stick with 2 years back.
I really love sycomore but will always lean towards fat electrician as it is so much more fun.With that said, I have to say I've been wearing Rose 31 like 90% of the time. I've simply settled on that as my go-to scent.
pardon the odd request but I am working on a car restoration and am in need of some black leather belt material for a trunk pulldown and door pulls. I definitely need quality material but significant wear areas are not a problem. I was hoping someone could help me out. Thanks in advance.
Berliner Weisse??? who was the brewer? it makes a huge difference!Its a rare style and I can only think of a handful of people that make it but I have to say its my favorite style. Actually I cant tell you how happy I was to see the Breury's Hottenroth on the shelf the other day after what felt like a 2 year wait. Its my hands down favorite, I know its not for everyone but it pares well with a lot of food.Personally, I have been working my way through Mikkeller's...
wow it is so sad to see what happened to this thread... I want to thank everyone who has done decants as the selections have been amazing and I've gone back and bought full bottles of most of the decants I've picked up. I have also pick up a lot of other stuff since only to find them vile... the selections here have been amazing. I know its a re-decant and its late to the game but I would like to offer a decant of Le Labo's Rose 31. Initial interest is how can you...
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