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I really love sycomore but will always lean towards fat electrician as it is so much more fun.With that said, I have to say I've been wearing Rose 31 like 90% of the time. I've simply settled on that as my go-to scent.
pardon the odd request but I am working on a car restoration and am in need of some black leather belt material for a trunk pulldown and door pulls. I definitely need quality material but significant wear areas are not a problem. I was hoping someone could help me out. Thanks in advance.
Berliner Weisse??? who was the brewer? it makes a huge difference!Its a rare style and I can only think of a handful of people that make it but I have to say its my favorite style. Actually I cant tell you how happy I was to see the Breury's Hottenroth on the shelf the other day after what felt like a 2 year wait. Its my hands down favorite, I know its not for everyone but it pares well with a lot of food.Personally, I have been working my way through Mikkeller's...
wow it is so sad to see what happened to this thread... I want to thank everyone who has done decants as the selections have been amazing and I've gone back and bought full bottles of most of the decants I've picked up. I have also pick up a lot of other stuff since only to find them vile... the selections here have been amazing. I know its a re-decant and its late to the game but I would like to offer a decant of Le Labo's Rose 31. Initial interest is how can you...
about a decade ago, I was in need of a first interview outfit for engineering... I hit up a good will store and 20 bucks out the door I had an outfit I would not hesitate to post in WAYWN. Now obviously you can't cheap on footwear so it was worn with a pair of AE seneca in chili. It was a rockin outfit, ten years later the DKNY sport jacket I got for 8 bucks is still my go-to casual jacket. Any article of mens wear that you can break down to less than 10 cents per...
While there are quite a few people in my life that I have tremendous trust in, there is only one person in my life I give absolute trust to... More than a bail me out of jail friend, a help me chop up this body friend. There is absolutely no question he could ask, that he wouldn't have a full disclosure answer to. He is the only person who as a full keyset to my house (including garage which not joking is a steel security door with fingerprint scanner)... and vice...
31 and in shape but the last pair of gym shoes I bought was when I was 14. the only stuff that I have that is anything resembling sneakerish is really only used for working in the garage.
saw an infinity with this plate: NBEYOND I'll admit, I chuckled.
I have tuscan leather posted in the sales and trading thread for anyone who wants some 10mL decants.
IIRC their serious moving of air matches their craving for amperage. I was shocked at just how many watts they pulled.
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